Thursday, 6 December 2012

#20 Nails...

So, we're six days in to our advent calendars! My lovely boyfriend made me an advent calendar this year because I'm lactose intolerant so chocolate advent calendars are out of the question. He stuffed it with Haribo (so far) and lovely little messages. It makes it even more exciting! Today I've got another festive nail feature for you lovelies! 

This festive design includes a Christmas Tree feature nail! i used my Models Own Peacock Green for the main colour of this design as it looks so Christmassy! I love the colour but it take a good 2-3 coats to cover the nail fully. The final effect has a fabulous shimmer! Perfect for this time of year. I used my Barry M Gold to create the Christmas Tree along with my Barry M Red Wine for the top and base of the tree feature. I also needed to use some sellotape. Masking tape is always better and would have allowed you to see better but I didn't have any :/ Plus, grab some scissors!

Firstly, I painted my base coat on and then allowed this to dry before adding my block Christmassy colour.

I then got sections of tape and cut them diagonally across to start to piece together a template on my nail. I used about 7 pieces in the end. After I'd made my template I used two coats of my Barry M gold and left this to dry before carefully removing the tape.

As I peeled the tape away I was left with a lovely golden Christmas tree! I added a blob of red to the top point and a little stump on the bottom of the tree and taa daahhh...

A festive fur tree :D However, if I were to do this design again I might chose to use the gold colour as the base colour rather than for the tree feature and I feel it is a little drowned out by the deep Peacock Green. I still like this design though :) What do you think lovelies? xxx

Also, Abbie's got a new edition to her collection! I recently had to buy a Secret Santa present and in Superdrug they are doing a 3 for 2 across all cosmetics at the moment so I, luckily, got a nail polish for myself for freeeee. Happy me! I love this polish - it's gorgeous and still in theme with my Christmassy addiction at the moment. The festive feeling has really bitten me this year!

Hopefully I'll be using this gorgeous little gem in a nail design for you all soon!

Have a great rest of your week!

x Abster x


  1. I can't read these posts without becoming insanely jealous of how good your nails are! Come home and do mine? haha. Lovely post as always <3 xx