Sunday, 30 December 2012

Blogger's Christmas...

Let me start by saying MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you lovely readers and blogging beauties out there! I hope you had a wonderful time and are looking forward to 2013!
My Christmas was pretty darn perfect and spanned across quite a few days starting with a Secret Santa meal with 14 of my friends! I totally lucked out with who my secret Santa was as Beth for The World of Beth had me! Her present was amazing as she got me a box full of nail art goodies! Perfect perfect perfect! The box had a vast amount of gorgeous pink detail and colour brushes, little mustache transfers and loads and loads of pot I different coloured shimmers and glitters for my ever growing nail art collection! Thank you Beth!

My boyfriend and I had our own little Christmas on Christmas Eve Eve where we have eachother our gifts! I was very spoilt once again as he bought me a 'movie star' mug, the comfiest slippers in the world which I can heat up, a beautiful pink pandora charm but most of all he names a star after me and I have the coordintes to be able to find it in the sky! So adorable!

Christmas Day rolled on over so quickly this year but yay presents! Christmas morning was different this year owing to it being our first one with our puppy Georgie Bear :D Mum and Dad bought him a little dog chew stocking which he ripped open in no time at all! Bless him - he was so over excited the whole day. Lets take a look at what Santa brought me this year...

So as you can see I'm pretty lucky and so grateful for what I got this year! My top picks of my presents are my kindle in my gorgeous pastel pink case, my new jack wills zip up in salmon pink, my new flowery shower curtain for university and my drawing set so I can get back into sketching! I got lots more little bits like DVD's and books :)

But did Christmas end there? Oh noooo! After a few days of running off the Turkey Dinner it was time for my best friend and I to exchange gifts and have our annual Christmas party :D it was quite funny as we got each other very similar things! I decided to go on a Superdrug binge and buy her loads of nail polishes, eye pens, eye shadows and choccies! One thing I popped on my Christmas list I was really hoping to get was some Models Own polishes to expand my collection and love for the brand! Perri got me a hugggge amount of polishes!! It was such a fabulous surprise!

She bought me the champagne collection which is one of my favorites  She also bought me a dark shimmer and a black and pink crackle effect which I cannot wait to try out! Also in this box of heaven was pop art nail stickers and a gorgeous buff, file and shine block! Yayyy! After we exchanged gifts we got all glammed up and went out for the night. It was such a great night out and so good to celebrate with her after so long apart <3

This Christmas has been bloomin marvelous  It's been the best getting to see everyone I'd missed so so much during my first term at uni! 

Hope you had a magical Christmas and have yourself a fantastic New Year!!

x Abster x

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Blogger Buys...

We are edging closer and closer to CHRISTMASSS! I am too excited... It's not right for a nineteen year old to be more excited than a three year old. Meh, I love it! Also, I PASSED MY DRIVING THEORY! I'm so relieved... The test was stupidly confusing but I some how managed to bag it! Phewf, so that started my Christmas holidays off to a very promising start! So, today was my first whole day back home from University so I decided to spend it shopping with my  gurrrl Perri who I haven't seen for a month. Catching up was THE best. Once again, Topshop didn't disappoint and along with River Island gave me four new pieces for my wardrobe = Happy Abbie! Let's show you what I bought...

This lovely number I got from River Island. At £30 I was pretty happy! I love the colours and don't own a shirt like this at all. It's thin material is lovely as it feels really airy. I love the detail on the collar too! I really want to wear this with some leggings, my vans or some heeled boots and a big cozy jumper where the collared detailing can pop over the top! Bit of extra accessorizing. ME LIKEY!


 This next baba was the first thing that struck me when I walked into Topshop today. Don't you just loveee it? I've fallen in love with casual dressed and tights with my blazer at the moment. I think they are perfect for keeping girly in winter. Topshop have the most gorgeous collection of casual dresses on the high street, I think. 

At £28.00 it was a no brainer PLUS  I get 10% discount with my student card so it was actually £25.20. WOOP!

I'm planning on wearing this number on Thursday when I visit London with the boyf to go to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. If you get the chance to go one Christmas I totally recommend it! It's totally magical and very romantic! I cannot wait!

This next addition to my wardrobe is something I really have never picked out before. BUT, I have had my eye on baggy t-shirts recently cos they look so darn good tucked in to my denim shorts and skirts. 

This one can go with beige, khaki, black and brown! Insanely versatile and for £22.00 I was one happy bean! (£20 with student discount - even better :D)

I have seen the most gorgeous dungarees in Topshop which I need to hunt down in London when I go. They have a skirt attached instead of shorts and would piece together with this top so perfectly!! Watch this space!

Last, but definitely not least, is my SALE item! Reduced down from £48 to £25 is this beautiful blue knit! This is exactly what I wanted to wear over my new shirt with some leggings! Perfect winter warmer! 

I was staggered when I saw how much of a price reduction was put on this lovely jumper! Yay!!

I'm really happy with my purchases today and the whole bunch came to roughly £95 which really isn't that bad for what I got! Which item is your fave and is there anything you've got your eye on at the moment?

Merry Christmas my lovelies <3 

x Abster x

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Blogger's Christmas List...

I feel like I've completely deserted you lovely bloggers over the past week and I'm so sorry. I had assessment week at Uni and it was crazy! Now, it's all over and everyone has gone home for Christmas except me :( I'm all lonely here because I had to stay to work and for my driving theory test which is tomorrow. So scared. I popped into town today and got myself a nice little French Manicure to de-stress. Hehe! In other neeeews, I've done allll my Christmas shopping! A whole 9 days early - yay me! So, in my loneliness I thought I would catch up with you and share with you what I sent to Santa (cough cough a.k.a. Mumma) this year in the form of my Christmas list. Please don't think I'm expecting all the things I've popped down on here! This is just to help my mum (SORRY! I mean Santa) out. Let's have a little looooksie shall we?

There we have it! My 2012 Christmas wish list. What do we think?

I'll give you a run down where everything is from:

1. These gorgeous boots have featured before on this blog in my Autumn Wishlist. They, for the time being, reside in River Island but I'm hoping they'll soon be living in my house. 

2. This is a to die for Cath Kidston wash/travel bag. I love it! 

3. Jack Will's Hoodies always call out to me when I go into that store. Kills me. They are quite costly but, having tried on some of my friend's, they are so snug and perfect for this season. I'm not quite sure which colour I like best though. It's definitively between the red and the navy. 

4. This BEAUTIFUL Ted Baker purse is the most expensive item on my wish list this year. I'm utterly in love. Doubt this will be sitting under the tree for me though. Maybe it's something I can save up for!

5. WHAT DO WE HAVE HEREEE? Really that shocked? More polishes! These colours I have specifically picked out and named on my list, hehe! 

6. More Vans - what can I say... I love them. They are THE comfiest shoes I've even worn (once broken in that is). 

I'm so excited for Christmas this year. It's so awesome being able to come home for almost a month and catch up with my lovely family etc. I can't wait to see everyone and give lots of presents and see such beaming smiles! Christmas is my very favourite time of year. I've got so much planned for when I return: shopping days, secret santa meals, trips to London and Winter Wonderland with my boyfriend. Ahhhhhh! Hope you all are just as excited as me <3

Love you all and thank you for reading!

x Abster x

Thursday, 6 December 2012

#20 Nails...

So, we're six days in to our advent calendars! My lovely boyfriend made me an advent calendar this year because I'm lactose intolerant so chocolate advent calendars are out of the question. He stuffed it with Haribo (so far) and lovely little messages. It makes it even more exciting! Today I've got another festive nail feature for you lovelies! 

This festive design includes a Christmas Tree feature nail! i used my Models Own Peacock Green for the main colour of this design as it looks so Christmassy! I love the colour but it take a good 2-3 coats to cover the nail fully. The final effect has a fabulous shimmer! Perfect for this time of year. I used my Barry M Gold to create the Christmas Tree along with my Barry M Red Wine for the top and base of the tree feature. I also needed to use some sellotape. Masking tape is always better and would have allowed you to see better but I didn't have any :/ Plus, grab some scissors!

Firstly, I painted my base coat on and then allowed this to dry before adding my block Christmassy colour.

I then got sections of tape and cut them diagonally across to start to piece together a template on my nail. I used about 7 pieces in the end. After I'd made my template I used two coats of my Barry M gold and left this to dry before carefully removing the tape.

As I peeled the tape away I was left with a lovely golden Christmas tree! I added a blob of red to the top point and a little stump on the bottom of the tree and taa daahhh...

A festive fur tree :D However, if I were to do this design again I might chose to use the gold colour as the base colour rather than for the tree feature and I feel it is a little drowned out by the deep Peacock Green. I still like this design though :) What do you think lovelies? xxx

Also, Abbie's got a new edition to her collection! I recently had to buy a Secret Santa present and in Superdrug they are doing a 3 for 2 across all cosmetics at the moment so I, luckily, got a nail polish for myself for freeeee. Happy me! I love this polish - it's gorgeous and still in theme with my Christmassy addiction at the moment. The festive feeling has really bitten me this year!

Hopefully I'll be using this gorgeous little gem in a nail design for you all soon!

Have a great rest of your week!

x Abster x

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Vote For Your Favourite...

I've wanted to do a post like this for a while so here we go, a vote from the 20 designs I have now shown you so you can pick your favourite! Take a look at all the designs I've posted so far and comment below with the number (they are all in order). The design with the most votes I will repeat with different colours and a different twist for you all! All of the designs are below...

Gorrr so many nails! You must all be so used to my left hand now. You'd probably recognize me just by that! Ok my lovelies, get voting!! I can't to hear your faves. 


x Abster x