Monday, 19 November 2012

Winter Walks & Wardrobes...

Happy Monday to you all! Last week raced by. On Wednesday night I got to go home for a long weekend. I hadn't been home for 6 weeks and was really missing it. Uni is amazing, don't get me wrong but there is always something about going back to where you are used to, established and loved. One thing I was really excited for was to finally be in my new bedroom! My mama and pops had designed a whole new room for me in the style of Cath Kidston and a mood board I'd created and sent to them...

This mood board...

created this...

You likey? It's so beautiful, I'm a very lucky girl. It's wonderful coming home to my own space; so girly!

The fun did not end there! I got to go shopping with my lovely family! I've noticed the lack of winter clothes I own; I needed some woolly jumpers and leggings and H&M's winter collection is fandabulous at the moment.

Here you see my new long, woolly, navy with black specs knit and new leggings from H&M. The jumper was only £14.99 and the leggings £7.99. H&M is amazing for those much needed winter essentials.
However, whenever I go shopping I HAVE to head over to Topshop. I find myself wanting most of their collection. Luckily, my superstar of a mum picked out these two beauties in the sale. Here you see my new deep blue knit dress at just £25, and my new turtle neck, woolly mesh, khaki jumper at just £15 and tights to match! 

I highly recommend hopping over to Topshop to have I look at their winter warmers. Also, students out there, we get an all year round 10% discount! 

Even though shopping is a main highlight of my whole life, paha, I was lucky enough to see my wonderful family, amazing best friend and my fandabulous boyfriend.

One of the best parts of the weekend at home was going on a beautiful wintery walk in a near by woods with Charlie. We got all wrapped up and squelched through the mud and got totally lost! It was such an amazing place to spend time together. He's a very special one and I love him to bits. We are about to celebrate our two year anniversary. I couldn't be happier. Anyone who is worried about carrying on a relationship from home through to University I say to at least give it a try. I feel the main thing is to keep in contact and include each other in your lives i.e. have a phone call or Skype session at least once a week and catch up. I think the most important thing to make a relationship work is to be friends with each other. It sounds silly but Charlie is literally my best friend as well as a very loving partner. Again, I'm a very lucky girl! Distance is hard, yes, but it really strengthens your relationship and the trust you have for each other. 

i was really missing home recently so seeing my lovely parents and sister was the best! 

Have an amazing week my lovelies and I'll be sure to treat you to a new nail design this week.

x Abster x


  1. I don't think you understand how jealous I am of your room. It's so beautiful!xx