Monday, 26 November 2012

Topshop Haul...

With a month until Christmas my excitement is growing day by day! This week has been a great one, got to go home to pick up two awards from my old Sixth Form. I got one for Drama and one for Dance, so happy! Also, I got paid my first pay cheque from my new job. What does that mean? A treat for Abbie to celebrate! This month has been pretty crazy financially owing to Chrimbo shopping for my nearest and dearest. But, I've been super organised and am done :D. After buying all my presents, I had a little left over so decided to race into Topshop and treat myself...

This number caught my eye just as I got out of the changing room -.- so I legged it back in to try it on and BOOM. Loved it! At £20 this dress had to be mine. I love the colour and down own much of this shade of purple. I love the way this dress clings around my middle and goes out at my hips making me look littler! Love it.

I've also been looking for a casual, comfy top that's also a little bit gangstaaa for a while. I don't know why, I just love the thought of wet look leggings, tie-up black heeled boots and this top! At £18 it was a must have, what do you think?

  My last purchase is this cutie little grey dress - my perfect winter find, I think. This, black tights, a lovely black knitted cardi or blazer and my black vans is the one for me this winter! At £26 this was my most expensive purchase BUT that's really good for Topshop. All of the clothes I've ever bought from Topshop have always been fantastic quality and lasted ages. Let's hope that stay that way!

How are your winter wardrobes coming along?

x Abster x


  1. I have the first dress, yay! :) Although mine has someone acquired a stain on the front after only wearing it once. :( xo

  2. Do you?! Haha wow! I love topshop - my fave! Xxx a stain? Oh no! Ill be careful! Xx