Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Maybelline Fit Me! Powder Review...

Evening beauties! So, today I went to Cheltenham (city near my university) to go shopping with my lovely lady, Jenny. Of course, I dove into the nearest Superdrug but for a very sad reason :( I have a cold sore... CRY! One of my winter hates. I always get them this time of year when I'm tired or run-down. This one has come with a vengeance so I popped in to get some Zovirax - BEST THING FOR COLD SORES. I religiously whack this cream on 5 times a day and it should (fingers crossed) be gone by the weekend.

Whilst in my heaven (Superdrug) I spotted the new collection of 'Fit Me!' products which I have seen advertised a lot recently. Maybelline have recently created an expansive (not 'expensive') range of Foundation, Powder and Concealer for a mass of skin tones so you can find one perfect for your exact skin tone. 

Unsurprisingly, the Maybelline shelves seemed like they had been cleared of these products - a great indicator that I should give at least one of these products a try! Previously, I have been using Collection 2000's Lasting Perfection Powder however I feel it's giving my skin a yellow tinge. Maybelline's range seems as though it could fix this for me! So, I thought, to start, I'd try out their 120 shade of the Fit Me! Powder.

Firstly, I love how compact this little product is. For £5.99 I am expecting pretty good things (that's an hour's work!). The powder displays itself on top of a really cute, hidden, sponge and mirror compartment. The sponge is quite flimsy, I must say BUT it does the job very nicely! On first application I found the powder really light and easy to apply with a great coverage coming from very little of the powder. Also, I had judged my skin tone well and this 120 shade is exactly my skin tone. Phew, I've been rescued from the yellowness! To your left you can see how well the product has covered my complexion, giving it a glow and complete, matted, coverage. I'm am one happy customer!                                                                                                                  If any of you lovely bloggers are looking out for that perfect powder I really think I've found mine! I am definitely going to give the foundation and concealer a go soon when Christmas shopping has stopped taking its toll on my bank account. 
x Abster x


  1. i'll give this a try once when im done with all my powders :) great job reviewing it! it sounds like a wonderful product

    1. Honestly - it's great! Stays on for ages too! Not quite all day but what powder does? X