Thursday, 8 November 2012

Everlasting Products...

Happy Thursday to all you lovely bloggers! This week is going really quickly, as per usual. My body aches from so much dance this week. Today I have a day off from dance and a 6 hour day of acting. Crazy I know. Tomorrow is Ballet, Intermediate Jazz, Tap and Singing. I love my Fridays! I hope all of your weeks are going smoothly.

Recently I've noticed how I seem to own quite a few 'everlasting' products. I must have owned some of them for about 7 months and they are  still going strong. THAT'S WHAT A BUDGET BEAUTY GIRL LOVVVVVVES.

Let's take a look...

1. Rimmel London - Glam Eyes 104 Precious Rose Eye Shadow
This product I have been using for almost a year. It looks a little on the empty side but nope, there's at least half of the original shadow still left. I love this product as it gives my eye lids a shimmering, glowing look and really brightens up my complexion and makes my eyes look more awake. This purchase was WELL worth it.

2.VO5 - Plump It Up Volumising Spritz

I did a feature on this product back in July/August and as you can see from the picture, I've used hardly any! Now, I wash my hair almost everyday now and I always use this product when blow drying as it also adds a heat defence. I'd say I've used about 30ml of 150ml of the product (a fifth) so this should last me all the way up until NEXT OCTOBER... Amazing! 

3. Miss Dior Cherie - Eau De Toilette

This perfume is my utter fave! It smells divine. The last time I saw my Dad he said 'Wow Abs, you smell expensive.' Paha! I have had this exact bottle for over a year new. 13 months to be exact, haha. I cannot believe how well it has lasted. As you can see though, I think I am almost in need of a new one.

4. Barry M Red Wine Polish

This polish is gorgeous, no? It is one of the first Barry M's I ever got years back now. The thing I love about Barry M's is they are such good quality they will last years without clumping or drying out. I have used this polish numerous times and look at the tiny amount that has gone!

5. L'oreal Elvive Nutri-Gloss Shine Shampoo

This shampoo I asked my mama to get for me before heading off to uni... The reason... It's pink. Paha. However, through this, I found an amazing shampoo! I have been using this almost every single day since being at uni and I've been here for almost 8 weeks and I'm still not out. That's roughly 50 washes and I'm still going strong. I don't condition my hair as much as I do shampoo it as it is so thin it gets greasy to quickly. Can you believe how long lasting this shampoo is?

6. Clean & Clear exfoliating daily wash

When I first arrived at uni I published a post to show you my Uni purchases and this little beauty was among the bunch. I have been using the clean and clear products I bought that week religiously. This product is fantastic and leaves my skin silky smooth and flawless. If I ever get lazy and skip a nightly exfoliate, I pay for it. The product has hardly lost any substance from all my usage every night so I have a feeling I'll be sticking to my skin care routine for a long ol' while with this bottle! Happy Abbie :)

7. Simple Soothing Eye Balm

I have used this product (on the left) since I was fourteen years old. I discovered it through buying it for my friend for her birthday and we all put it on before bed and I woke up (for the first time in what seemed like forever) with no dark circles under my eyes. I am a real sufferer of these owing to my pale complexion. I have been addicted ever since! I must have bought about 8 bottles of the stuff in those past 5 years. That just shows you how long they last! Recently Simple has brought out a new, more expensive adaptation of my fave eye care so I'm giving it a go at the moment. My first reaction is it isn't as good at getting rid of my circles BUT it gives me a really awake feeling as soon as I wake up. The liquid base doesn't clog in my paws but makes me widen my eyes and gives me a real brightness to my complexion!

Have you got any products that seem to just last forever?! It's great isn't it. I love it when I feel like my money has been really well spent. Beauty is an investment <3

x Abster x


  1. I love the Barry M nail polishes, but every time I've bought a black from them (my staple nail colour) it's always gone gloopy really quickly. :( Such a shame. My Simple face wash and moisturiser on the other hand have been going since last Winter! xo

    1. The black polish? I have a black too, had that for a long time and it's going strong. Maybe the lid is too lose or email them and tell them yo have a dodgy product! I find my black runs out so quickly, definitely need another! Simple is amazing <3 Thank you for being such a great follower xxx

      Abbie xox