Sunday, 4 November 2012

Autumn Antics...

This week has fuuu-lown. Five days of uni, 20 hours of working, 1 manicure, shopping trip and a hair cut later I'm pretty much wiped. My remedy? Write all about it to you, lovelies.

This weekend I had my first proper two shifts at my new job. Let's just say I'm exhausted. I worked 20 hours over two days. Dead dead dead. I do love it though, it zoomed by and imma be loaded :D. In both my breaks I headed to Strabucks for a Vanilla Soya Milk (I'm lactose Intolerant). I sat with my drink and book (also a cheeky ginger snap) feeling all wintery and wonderful. Ohhh craving one now.

On my one day off this week I decided to thouroughly pamper myself! I finally got a hair cut - after a whole year. Hideous, I know. I got about 5 inches off my length. 

Where has my hair gone?! It was in major need of a cut and now looks much thicker and healthier!

Below you'll see my newwwwwwww shirt! 

Another River Island purchase! My best friend's parents got me a £20 voucher for my burrfday so today I spent it! This shirt is dreamy!  The total price was £35, but I had to have it. You like?

In addition to my pampering day, I got myself a lovely ol' french mani. About time! I loveeeeeeeeee having a pro french done. 

After my pampering day, I felt sooo girly. I definitely deserved a chill out session. 

What's this you seeee? MY HALLOWEEN MAKE-UP! You likey? I don't really know how to describe this number... propbably a bit too literally a pin-up doll. It took me forever but I had such an awesome night.

How was your halloween week? Enjoy Fireworks Night beauties <3

x Abster x

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