Wednesday, 28 November 2012

#19 Nails...

This week it has truly hit me how close Christmas is! Christmas is totally my favourite time of the year because you don't only receive some wonderful gifts, you get to give them too and see the people you love's faces light up! I love the feeling. Plus, xmas dinner is my favourite meal of the year. Also, being surrounded by my family fills me up so much. This week I thought I'd experiment with some festive nail art. What do you think?

I don't know what to call this one, maybe 'Peepy Rudolph'. Haha, or not ;)
I really love how cute this design is, I'm so please with the finish. Let's break it down for you my lovelies...

Here are the colours I used...

As you can see, Barry M central with a little No. 17 and Collection 2000 thrown in there. The block colour I used is one of my fave polishes as it is so striking and gorgeous. But, it doesn't drown out my reindeer feature. I used one of my detail brushes to achieve the little detailing. 

Remember that base coat, then apply your chosen block colour. Try and keep in theme to xmas so a red, dark green or gold would be perfect! Even experiment with wintery whites and blues this season!

The next steps take patience and time so don't rush.

Firstly, I used my hairdryer to dry my block colour coat (on a budget here, but quite clever I thought!). Now, we need a face, use a brown and paint on a semi-circle on the top of the nail. I used two coats to achieve this. I then, using my detailing brush, made some antlers.

This step I found the hardest as it was really fiddly with the thick standard brushes. But, try and make to symmetrical white eyes and (once these are almost dry) carefully pop on two black dots. The lower down you place these, the cuter the reindeer as it gives a 'wide eyed' look. I then added a red nose using the same colour as my block red behind.  
To finish off, I popped on a top coat so my design will, hopefully, last!

How do you like my first festive nail design! There will be more to come in the weeks leading up to Chrimbo! Hope all of your xmas shopping is going smoothly!

x Abster x

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