Wednesday, 21 November 2012

#18 Nails...

A mid-week treat for you lovelies, I did promise you a new nail design and do I have one for youuuu :D

I'd like to call this the most original name ever... Cupcake nails. Haha. This one is cute, no?  And what is this you see? A new polish to add to my colllection!? Yep indeeeedy! I adore this new polish, at £1.99! Collection 2000 is amazing and this 'Candyfloss' paint is beautiful and gives perfect coverage in two coats.

I also treated myself to a new top and base coat from Collection 2000 - only £2.99! Happpy days. Anywho, shall I show you how I created this cupcake cuteness?...

First step beauties... BASE COAT! Then whack on two layers of your chosen cutie base colour (try and make this a pastel colour as it gives a more girly, cute feel to the design and is the perfect, subtle background for your main cupcake feature). 

The next step is to start to build our cupcake. First step - we need a cupcake case! I chose my baby blue No. 17 Lasting Fix polish. Perfect pastel to go with my pretty pink.

Next we need a cupcake! I used my Barry M white to create this bubbly cake frosting! Take your time with this element as it can be tricky. Try to wipe the excess paint off the brush before designing the edges of your cupcake as this can become gloopy.

Now, we add our stripes to the cupcake case to give it dimension and texture. I used one of my thin brushes from my previous posts to create the thin lines as using a thick, standard issue brush can be impossible sometimes. I used my Barry M 'Bright Blue' for these stripes to create a obvious contrast from the pastel blue casing.

To add the last finishing touches I used a chocolate brown polish from No. 17's Lasting Fix range to appear as chocolate hundreds and thousands. I then popped a little of my Pink Model's Own polish to add a cherry on top! 

Add your top coat and voila!! Perfection. Below here you can see the vast amount of polishes I incorporated in this design haha! Don't worry, you can complete this design using hardly any paints! 

I hope you like this design my lovelies! It makes me hungry hehe. Get this girl a cupcake!

x Abster x

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