Monday, 12 November 2012

#17 Nails...

Happy beginning of a new week to you all! Let's make this one beauty-fied and brilliant. To inspire you all to glam it up this week here's a new nail design.

This design is another version of the opal design previously posted. I chose to mix it up a bit this time with really vibrant colours on alternate nails. I'm feeling really positive and happy this week so this nail design reflects this. I love my nails to be an extension of how I'm feeling and who I am! Let's have a look at the nail polishes I used...

Gorr, shock horror... All Barry M's ;)
Here we have the six colours I used to create each different coloured opal nails. I feel each of the colour choices really worked well together to create the final effect. What do you think? My favourite colour of the lot would probably be my Bright Purple polish which is the colour you see in the feature nail picture.

Please check out #15 Nails to find out how to create this design. I hope you like this one my lovelies and have an amazing week!

x Abster x


  1. Wow your nails look amazing! I've been looking through your blog and love it already, your nails always look so cool, I wish I had the patience to make mine so detailed. Please check my blog out too if you have time and maybe follow back? :)
    Chloe xx

    1. Aww that's so sweet of you! I love to share my hobby with you all and comments like this really make my day! Lots of love and I will of course follow back xxxx

  2. these look lovely!
    i love your blog, i've just started following.
    you seem so lovely, please pop over and say hello, i'd love to chat properly.
    laura xx

  3. Thank you so much sweetie! I will do!! Xx

  4. I've just seen you're blog, it's amazing! Can't wait to see more:) I'm now a follower xx

    1. Thank you honey! Hope you enjoy being a follower xxxxx

  5. Your nails are amazing! I'm such a nail varnish addict! Your blog is sooo fab by the way! I'm adoring it hehe
    I'm definitely your newest follower!
    Do you think you could take a look at mine and follow back please?
    Thank you

    1. Thank you so much honey! Painting my nails is my addiction haha xx I deffo will hop on over to your blog Hun, thank you for following! Xoxoxo