Wednesday, 28 November 2012

#19 Nails...

This week it has truly hit me how close Christmas is! Christmas is totally my favourite time of the year because you don't only receive some wonderful gifts, you get to give them too and see the people you love's faces light up! I love the feeling. Plus, xmas dinner is my favourite meal of the year. Also, being surrounded by my family fills me up so much. This week I thought I'd experiment with some festive nail art. What do you think?

I don't know what to call this one, maybe 'Peepy Rudolph'. Haha, or not ;)
I really love how cute this design is, I'm so please with the finish. Let's break it down for you my lovelies...

Here are the colours I used...

As you can see, Barry M central with a little No. 17 and Collection 2000 thrown in there. The block colour I used is one of my fave polishes as it is so striking and gorgeous. But, it doesn't drown out my reindeer feature. I used one of my detail brushes to achieve the little detailing. 

Remember that base coat, then apply your chosen block colour. Try and keep in theme to xmas so a red, dark green or gold would be perfect! Even experiment with wintery whites and blues this season!

The next steps take patience and time so don't rush.

Firstly, I used my hairdryer to dry my block colour coat (on a budget here, but quite clever I thought!). Now, we need a face, use a brown and paint on a semi-circle on the top of the nail. I used two coats to achieve this. I then, using my detailing brush, made some antlers.

This step I found the hardest as it was really fiddly with the thick standard brushes. But, try and make to symmetrical white eyes and (once these are almost dry) carefully pop on two black dots. The lower down you place these, the cuter the reindeer as it gives a 'wide eyed' look. I then added a red nose using the same colour as my block red behind.  
To finish off, I popped on a top coat so my design will, hopefully, last!

How do you like my first festive nail design! There will be more to come in the weeks leading up to Chrimbo! Hope all of your xmas shopping is going smoothly!

x Abster x

Monday, 26 November 2012

Topshop Haul...

With a month until Christmas my excitement is growing day by day! This week has been a great one, got to go home to pick up two awards from my old Sixth Form. I got one for Drama and one for Dance, so happy! Also, I got paid my first pay cheque from my new job. What does that mean? A treat for Abbie to celebrate! This month has been pretty crazy financially owing to Chrimbo shopping for my nearest and dearest. But, I've been super organised and am done :D. After buying all my presents, I had a little left over so decided to race into Topshop and treat myself...

This number caught my eye just as I got out of the changing room -.- so I legged it back in to try it on and BOOM. Loved it! At £20 this dress had to be mine. I love the colour and down own much of this shade of purple. I love the way this dress clings around my middle and goes out at my hips making me look littler! Love it.

I've also been looking for a casual, comfy top that's also a little bit gangstaaa for a while. I don't know why, I just love the thought of wet look leggings, tie-up black heeled boots and this top! At £18 it was a must have, what do you think?

  My last purchase is this cutie little grey dress - my perfect winter find, I think. This, black tights, a lovely black knitted cardi or blazer and my black vans is the one for me this winter! At £26 this was my most expensive purchase BUT that's really good for Topshop. All of the clothes I've ever bought from Topshop have always been fantastic quality and lasted ages. Let's hope that stay that way!

How are your winter wardrobes coming along?

x Abster x

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

#18 Nails...

A mid-week treat for you lovelies, I did promise you a new nail design and do I have one for youuuu :D

I'd like to call this the most original name ever... Cupcake nails. Haha. This one is cute, no?  And what is this you see? A new polish to add to my colllection!? Yep indeeeedy! I adore this new polish, at £1.99! Collection 2000 is amazing and this 'Candyfloss' paint is beautiful and gives perfect coverage in two coats.

I also treated myself to a new top and base coat from Collection 2000 - only £2.99! Happpy days. Anywho, shall I show you how I created this cupcake cuteness?...

First step beauties... BASE COAT! Then whack on two layers of your chosen cutie base colour (try and make this a pastel colour as it gives a more girly, cute feel to the design and is the perfect, subtle background for your main cupcake feature). 

The next step is to start to build our cupcake. First step - we need a cupcake case! I chose my baby blue No. 17 Lasting Fix polish. Perfect pastel to go with my pretty pink.

Next we need a cupcake! I used my Barry M white to create this bubbly cake frosting! Take your time with this element as it can be tricky. Try to wipe the excess paint off the brush before designing the edges of your cupcake as this can become gloopy.

Now, we add our stripes to the cupcake case to give it dimension and texture. I used one of my thin brushes from my previous posts to create the thin lines as using a thick, standard issue brush can be impossible sometimes. I used my Barry M 'Bright Blue' for these stripes to create a obvious contrast from the pastel blue casing.

To add the last finishing touches I used a chocolate brown polish from No. 17's Lasting Fix range to appear as chocolate hundreds and thousands. I then popped a little of my Pink Model's Own polish to add a cherry on top! 

Add your top coat and voila!! Perfection. Below here you can see the vast amount of polishes I incorporated in this design haha! Don't worry, you can complete this design using hardly any paints! 

I hope you like this design my lovelies! It makes me hungry hehe. Get this girl a cupcake!

x Abster x

Maybelline Fit Me! Powder Review...

Evening beauties! So, today I went to Cheltenham (city near my university) to go shopping with my lovely lady, Jenny. Of course, I dove into the nearest Superdrug but for a very sad reason :( I have a cold sore... CRY! One of my winter hates. I always get them this time of year when I'm tired or run-down. This one has come with a vengeance so I popped in to get some Zovirax - BEST THING FOR COLD SORES. I religiously whack this cream on 5 times a day and it should (fingers crossed) be gone by the weekend.

Whilst in my heaven (Superdrug) I spotted the new collection of 'Fit Me!' products which I have seen advertised a lot recently. Maybelline have recently created an expansive (not 'expensive') range of Foundation, Powder and Concealer for a mass of skin tones so you can find one perfect for your exact skin tone. 

Unsurprisingly, the Maybelline shelves seemed like they had been cleared of these products - a great indicator that I should give at least one of these products a try! Previously, I have been using Collection 2000's Lasting Perfection Powder however I feel it's giving my skin a yellow tinge. Maybelline's range seems as though it could fix this for me! So, I thought, to start, I'd try out their 120 shade of the Fit Me! Powder.

Firstly, I love how compact this little product is. For £5.99 I am expecting pretty good things (that's an hour's work!). The powder displays itself on top of a really cute, hidden, sponge and mirror compartment. The sponge is quite flimsy, I must say BUT it does the job very nicely! On first application I found the powder really light and easy to apply with a great coverage coming from very little of the powder. Also, I had judged my skin tone well and this 120 shade is exactly my skin tone. Phew, I've been rescued from the yellowness! To your left you can see how well the product has covered my complexion, giving it a glow and complete, matted, coverage. I'm am one happy customer!                                                                                                                  If any of you lovely bloggers are looking out for that perfect powder I really think I've found mine! I am definitely going to give the foundation and concealer a go soon when Christmas shopping has stopped taking its toll on my bank account. 
x Abster x

Monday, 19 November 2012

Winter Walks & Wardrobes...

Happy Monday to you all! Last week raced by. On Wednesday night I got to go home for a long weekend. I hadn't been home for 6 weeks and was really missing it. Uni is amazing, don't get me wrong but there is always something about going back to where you are used to, established and loved. One thing I was really excited for was to finally be in my new bedroom! My mama and pops had designed a whole new room for me in the style of Cath Kidston and a mood board I'd created and sent to them...

This mood board...

created this...

You likey? It's so beautiful, I'm a very lucky girl. It's wonderful coming home to my own space; so girly!

The fun did not end there! I got to go shopping with my lovely family! I've noticed the lack of winter clothes I own; I needed some woolly jumpers and leggings and H&M's winter collection is fandabulous at the moment.

Here you see my new long, woolly, navy with black specs knit and new leggings from H&M. The jumper was only £14.99 and the leggings £7.99. H&M is amazing for those much needed winter essentials.
However, whenever I go shopping I HAVE to head over to Topshop. I find myself wanting most of their collection. Luckily, my superstar of a mum picked out these two beauties in the sale. Here you see my new deep blue knit dress at just £25, and my new turtle neck, woolly mesh, khaki jumper at just £15 and tights to match! 

I highly recommend hopping over to Topshop to have I look at their winter warmers. Also, students out there, we get an all year round 10% discount! 

Even though shopping is a main highlight of my whole life, paha, I was lucky enough to see my wonderful family, amazing best friend and my fandabulous boyfriend.

One of the best parts of the weekend at home was going on a beautiful wintery walk in a near by woods with Charlie. We got all wrapped up and squelched through the mud and got totally lost! It was such an amazing place to spend time together. He's a very special one and I love him to bits. We are about to celebrate our two year anniversary. I couldn't be happier. Anyone who is worried about carrying on a relationship from home through to University I say to at least give it a try. I feel the main thing is to keep in contact and include each other in your lives i.e. have a phone call or Skype session at least once a week and catch up. I think the most important thing to make a relationship work is to be friends with each other. It sounds silly but Charlie is literally my best friend as well as a very loving partner. Again, I'm a very lucky girl! Distance is hard, yes, but it really strengthens your relationship and the trust you have for each other. 

i was really missing home recently so seeing my lovely parents and sister was the best! 

Have an amazing week my lovelies and I'll be sure to treat you to a new nail design this week.

x Abster x

Monday, 12 November 2012

#17 Nails...

Happy beginning of a new week to you all! Let's make this one beauty-fied and brilliant. To inspire you all to glam it up this week here's a new nail design.

This design is another version of the opal design previously posted. I chose to mix it up a bit this time with really vibrant colours on alternate nails. I'm feeling really positive and happy this week so this nail design reflects this. I love my nails to be an extension of how I'm feeling and who I am! Let's have a look at the nail polishes I used...

Gorr, shock horror... All Barry M's ;)
Here we have the six colours I used to create each different coloured opal nails. I feel each of the colour choices really worked well together to create the final effect. What do you think? My favourite colour of the lot would probably be my Bright Purple polish which is the colour you see in the feature nail picture.

Please check out #15 Nails to find out how to create this design. I hope you like this one my lovelies and have an amazing week!

x Abster x

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Everlasting Products...

Happy Thursday to all you lovely bloggers! This week is going really quickly, as per usual. My body aches from so much dance this week. Today I have a day off from dance and a 6 hour day of acting. Crazy I know. Tomorrow is Ballet, Intermediate Jazz, Tap and Singing. I love my Fridays! I hope all of your weeks are going smoothly.

Recently I've noticed how I seem to own quite a few 'everlasting' products. I must have owned some of them for about 7 months and they are  still going strong. THAT'S WHAT A BUDGET BEAUTY GIRL LOVVVVVVES.

Let's take a look...

1. Rimmel London - Glam Eyes 104 Precious Rose Eye Shadow
This product I have been using for almost a year. It looks a little on the empty side but nope, there's at least half of the original shadow still left. I love this product as it gives my eye lids a shimmering, glowing look and really brightens up my complexion and makes my eyes look more awake. This purchase was WELL worth it.

2.VO5 - Plump It Up Volumising Spritz

I did a feature on this product back in July/August and as you can see from the picture, I've used hardly any! Now, I wash my hair almost everyday now and I always use this product when blow drying as it also adds a heat defence. I'd say I've used about 30ml of 150ml of the product (a fifth) so this should last me all the way up until NEXT OCTOBER... Amazing! 

3. Miss Dior Cherie - Eau De Toilette

This perfume is my utter fave! It smells divine. The last time I saw my Dad he said 'Wow Abs, you smell expensive.' Paha! I have had this exact bottle for over a year new. 13 months to be exact, haha. I cannot believe how well it has lasted. As you can see though, I think I am almost in need of a new one.

4. Barry M Red Wine Polish

This polish is gorgeous, no? It is one of the first Barry M's I ever got years back now. The thing I love about Barry M's is they are such good quality they will last years without clumping or drying out. I have used this polish numerous times and look at the tiny amount that has gone!

5. L'oreal Elvive Nutri-Gloss Shine Shampoo

This shampoo I asked my mama to get for me before heading off to uni... The reason... It's pink. Paha. However, through this, I found an amazing shampoo! I have been using this almost every single day since being at uni and I've been here for almost 8 weeks and I'm still not out. That's roughly 50 washes and I'm still going strong. I don't condition my hair as much as I do shampoo it as it is so thin it gets greasy to quickly. Can you believe how long lasting this shampoo is?

6. Clean & Clear exfoliating daily wash

When I first arrived at uni I published a post to show you my Uni purchases and this little beauty was among the bunch. I have been using the clean and clear products I bought that week religiously. This product is fantastic and leaves my skin silky smooth and flawless. If I ever get lazy and skip a nightly exfoliate, I pay for it. The product has hardly lost any substance from all my usage every night so I have a feeling I'll be sticking to my skin care routine for a long ol' while with this bottle! Happy Abbie :)

7. Simple Soothing Eye Balm

I have used this product (on the left) since I was fourteen years old. I discovered it through buying it for my friend for her birthday and we all put it on before bed and I woke up (for the first time in what seemed like forever) with no dark circles under my eyes. I am a real sufferer of these owing to my pale complexion. I have been addicted ever since! I must have bought about 8 bottles of the stuff in those past 5 years. That just shows you how long they last! Recently Simple has brought out a new, more expensive adaptation of my fave eye care so I'm giving it a go at the moment. My first reaction is it isn't as good at getting rid of my circles BUT it gives me a really awake feeling as soon as I wake up. The liquid base doesn't clog in my paws but makes me widen my eyes and gives me a real brightness to my complexion!

Have you got any products that seem to just last forever?! It's great isn't it. I love it when I feel like my money has been really well spent. Beauty is an investment <3

x Abster x

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Autumn Antics...

This week has fuuu-lown. Five days of uni, 20 hours of working, 1 manicure, shopping trip and a hair cut later I'm pretty much wiped. My remedy? Write all about it to you, lovelies.

This weekend I had my first proper two shifts at my new job. Let's just say I'm exhausted. I worked 20 hours over two days. Dead dead dead. I do love it though, it zoomed by and imma be loaded :D. In both my breaks I headed to Strabucks for a Vanilla Soya Milk (I'm lactose Intolerant). I sat with my drink and book (also a cheeky ginger snap) feeling all wintery and wonderful. Ohhh craving one now.

On my one day off this week I decided to thouroughly pamper myself! I finally got a hair cut - after a whole year. Hideous, I know. I got about 5 inches off my length. 

Where has my hair gone?! It was in major need of a cut and now looks much thicker and healthier!

Below you'll see my newwwwwwww shirt! 

Another River Island purchase! My best friend's parents got me a £20 voucher for my burrfday so today I spent it! This shirt is dreamy!  The total price was £35, but I had to have it. You like?

In addition to my pampering day, I got myself a lovely ol' french mani. About time! I loveeeeeeeeee having a pro french done. 

After my pampering day, I felt sooo girly. I definitely deserved a chill out session. 

What's this you seeee? MY HALLOWEEN MAKE-UP! You likey? I don't really know how to describe this number... propbably a bit too literally a pin-up doll. It took me forever but I had such an awesome night.

How was your halloween week? Enjoy Fireworks Night beauties <3

x Abster x