Saturday, 27 October 2012

October Buys...

I cannot believe how fast October has gone; its can't be November this week?! Now, I haven't done a 'Buys' post since July, since I started this blog. This month has seen pretty random buys, I must admit so here's a run down of the latest buys this months from moi...

Topshop Eared Knitted Hat - £14.00 (£12.60 with Student Card)

This hat is cute, no? I had my first shift at work today and to start they got me leafleting in the freeeeezing cold! It's not Autumn, I swear it's Winter. It was painful. Before my shift I raced to Topshop and this little cutie caught my eye. The cream colour doesn't wash my pale complexion out and the ears are dead sweet. I got so many comments from cute old men about wanting to steal my hat. Oh and another bonus is it didn't make my hair go static! Love it :) 

Superdrug Deap Cleansing Mud Mask - £2.59 

This magic stuff has healed up my horrendous skin over the past week and a bit. I had broken out through stress, I think, and was in despair so knew I needed a fix me up! Face masks always help but this one is particularly good owing to the cheap as chips price and the consistency of the 'mud'. It dries quickly and you really feel much clearer afterwards with silky soft skin!

Models Own Lilac Dream - £5

As some of you may know, I ordered myself a bulk lot of Model Own polishes this month owing to their 'Summer Sale' which slashed all polishes half price (making this polish only £2.50 for me at the time). I splashed out and bought myself 9 polishes but this Ice Cream colour edition is my FAVE! Perfect consistency for any design I want to do and the paints don't chip easily. 

River Island Blue and Cream Checked Shirt - £25

At the beginning of the month I went shopping with my Uni buddy, Jenny. We went into River Island and this caught my eye. I love shirts because they look so cute with high waisted denim shorts, jeans, anything. Or perfect for just lounging about in. The cuddly material of this shirt is so snug, perfect for the current weather!

Accessorize Travel Bag in Oriental - £40

In my Autumn Wishlist post you will have seen my plea for a travel bag which I can take home on the train and back for when I travel back home from Uni. I had my eye on a beautiful Red Tote from River Island that was £70. After the post I went further into my hunt for the perfect travel companion and found this beauty. Not only did I save myself £30 BUT the bag is bigger, a silk material, has a gorgeous inner lining and the straps will never break! I'm in love with it. I have now had it for a week and haven't been able to put it away, it's just there, hanging on my coat hook waiting to be taken home. I love it!

How's your October been shopping wise? Any exciting buys?

Lots of love to you all!

x Abster x


  1. I love a good wooly hat. The Topshop one is on my wish list to add to my large collection. Great taste in gubblings, I love it all!

    1. Thank you! The hat is a fave buy of mine, nice and toasty :) xx