Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Blogger's Birthday...

As promised, here is a post to totally fill you in of my 19th Birthday antics over the weekend just gone. It pains me to think I'll never be 18 again. Anyone who is 17, look forward to it and cherish it. It's probably the best age so far. So much freedom with little responsibility. What an amazing year of being 18 I had! Here starts my 20th year of living... 

So, to start my celebrations I traveled home from Gloucester to Cambridgeshire on Friday, which took a good 3 hours and 15 mins! Seeing my family again was so lovely after my first 3 weeks of settling in at University. That night my best friend picked me up and we got all of our glad rags on and hit Peterborough Town with our good friend Dan. 

We had such a fun night and I got so many "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"'s! I was told on multiple occasions that I don't look 19. Is that good? Or not? Oh well. Paha.

After a short night's sleep on Friday my boyfriend picked me up from Perri's on Saturday morning and as I got in the car a bunch of gorgeous pink and glittery roses lay there on the passenger seat! He knows me sooo well. I was so happy! THE most Abbie flowers ever.

When we arrived at his house he couldn't wait any longer to give me my presents - I wasn't complaining. His lovely mum (as in my previous post) bought me nail art things from MUA. Then came these two Pandora bags :o

For our anniversary he bought me a Pandora bracelet so I was rather interested and bloomin' excited to know what these two bags had inside of them. The first held a Pandora charm which read 'Forever Together'... blush. What a cutie <3
The next bag I ripped open in excitement to reveal a gorgeous Pandora necklace (a silver chain on which dangled a Pandora ring)... I felt utterly spoilt! 
As well as this he then took me to the cinema and out for a meal. What a keeper!

After dropping me off at home on Saturday night I finally got to sleep in my gorgeous bed after a whole 3 weeks. Memory foam spoils you for life, avoid. Haha. The nights before my birthday I can never ever sleep but that night I slept without a peep! 

As I woke up on my 19th Birthday my whole family sang me happy birthday and gave me all my amazing gifts. Below you can see them laid out on the window seat of our living room... I was lucky enough to receive driving lessons (at LAST - I enjoy my pink vespa too much!), Cath Kidston box with bowl, egg cup and mug (gorgeous!), new navy Vans, a gorgeous good luck charm and Hello Kitty bits and bobs from my sister, a gorgeous Japanese vanity case from my brother, new boots, pj's, sweets, JUST DANCE 4 and some make up cases. I was so happy!

Charlie then came over to have a family birthday lunch with us before I had to leave to go back to University. I felt so sad having to leave home. I feel like I'm always saying goodbye. However, when I got back to Uni my lovely flatmate Jenny bought me a big badge, some O.P.I. Nail Polish and a lovely card! As everyone returned from their weekends at home we all got ready and hit the town to celebrate! I had such an awesome night and wore my sailor River Island playsuit along with my new navy Vans (couldn't be dealing with heels and sore feet). We went to this club called Thirteen Degrees and the band Duke (from this year's X Factor - Judges Houses) were guest performers. They were INCREDIBLE. The most amazing beat boxers ever. They even sang happy birthday to me and took pictures with me and my uni guys after the gig. AN AMAZING NIGHT to round of an amazing birthday!

Enjoying being the age you are bloggers and always look forward to the future! No regrets x

x Abster x


  1. happy birthday, lovely photos! would you like to follow each other in gfc? let me know! http://xxxloveisbeautyxxx.blogspot.ie/

  2. followed you back :) http://xxxloveisbeautyxxx.blogspot.ie/

  3. Sounds like you had a really amazing birthday! :) Such cute presents from your boyfriend too! xo

    1. It was seriously fabbbulous, thank you! I know, I'm a lucky ol' pup <3 x

      xox Abbie xox