Saturday, 13 October 2012

Autumn Wishlist...

So it's that time of year where I get agitated and want to spend money but NO I have to save up to buy Christmas presents... Cry.

BUT, instead of being a misery guts about it, why not turn my sorrows into something lovely for you bloggers?! So here is my Autumn Wishlist which could indeed turn into my Christmas list!
Here's the down low (from top left to bottom right)

1. Ted Bake Purse - for xmas 2011 I got my beautiful Ted Baker handbag, the same colour as this beautiful purse and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a matching purse. Every girl needs a full set. Co-ordination is key! - £65
2. Chelsea Girl Ankle Boots - These beautttties are residing in River Island as we speak however they should be on my shoe rack!! At £70 a pair I have serious issues. They are beautiful and would look so dang good with my skater skirts and tight and socks but oh myyyy, that's a lot of dough.
3. Biker Jacket - Again, another River Island jobby. Isn't she beautiful? I can imagine just strutting my stuff all warm and looking lush in this this autumn. - £60
4. Models Own Polishes - as you all know I have recently expanded my nail varnish collection by investing in some amazing Models Own polishes. I am now addicted. So these three; Pastel Pink, Feeling Blue - Tropical & Northern Lights from the new Wonderland collection are my MUST HAVES! - £15
5. Rainbow Scarf - Topshop. What a beauty. This scarf is essential for those frosty mornings and nippy nights this coming cold patch. This baby will go with everything! GIMME. £14
6.Vans - I am an addict. Officially. After become the proud owner of a second pair of Vans for my birthday I NEED MORE. I am an awful person -.- This colour will look so good with jeans, shorts, skirts and even dresses! - £45
7. Rouge Bowler Bag - River Island again. Now this puppy I can visualize myself hopping on and off the train with on my visits home from uni. It is essential. None of this "Do I really need this?" business. The answer is YES I FREAKIN' DO, OKAY!? But £70 is crazy. Or is it?

What you guys thinking? This amazing lot would set me back a whopping £339. In the run up to Christmas shopping this is impossible for me. Oh waa. 

Maybe I should pick one thing and treat myself. I have a £20 River Island gift voucher from my birthday so that could persuade me one which way. Let me know which item you think I MUST HAVE!

Love you all and happy Autumn shopping!

x Abster x


  1. The jacket and boots are amazing, just a shame about the price tag! xo

    1. I know :( It is painful... If only <3

      Abbie xox