Wednesday, 24 October 2012

#15 Nails

I have so much to update you on bloggers! Before I do, I thought I'd give you a looksie into my new nail design which I've now had on for a few days! I LOVE IT. It's so girly and really in this year with all the pastel colours. I just can't let go of summer can I? 

So here is my opal/ water colour design! It looks a little like the marbling designs I have previously done but this design is done in a totally different way! 

Here are the colours I used to mesh together in this design to create a pastel paradise! Can you believe there are no Barry M's :o... Unfortunately Barry M's are slightly too runny and thin in texture to work for this design, thicker paints are required. My life was saved by No. 17 (from Boots) Lasting Fix pastel range as well as Lilac Dream from Model's Own.

Below you can see my cling film I had to use for this design. You can also use a sandwich bag or anything made from this consistency of plastic etc.

To get started I painted my nails completely white so to bring out the top design. This worked really well and I left this to completely dry before starting the design.

After the white had dried I then added a load of different coloured blobs of paint (quite a lot of paint in each blob). Then, you wrap the cling film over the nail and gently pat across the nail to mold all of the colours together to create this effect...

I then continued with this process until each nail was covered!

Hope you like this one lovelies <3

Before I go I must update you: I got myself a job!! I'm working at a cutsie little bistro here where I go to Uni. I'm so happy! Means Christmas wont be too sparse this year and I can start saving for the exciting prospect of my future! I'm so sooo happy at the moment; Uni has really made me so much more independent and I'm loving it so much. If any of you beautiful bloggers are wondering about whether to make that leap into the big wide world either to uni or out their on your own, I say do it! There's nothing like making YOURSELF proud! Go out there, succeed and be so happy. Never hold back, you wont regret it, I certainly don't.

Loads of lovin' to you all...

x Abster x


  1. This looks so good and doesn't sound too complicated either! Congratulations on the job, great to hear that you're having such a fab time at uni. :) xo

    1. That's so lovely of you <3 Thank you and yes the design is so much simpler than you would think! I tried it without the base of white and that was disastrous so make sure you use that vital step!

      Abbie xox

  2. And these!! All of your nail work is absolutely fantastic!!!! X