Wednesday, 10 October 2012

#12 Nails

Today was tiring. So very tiring that my nails chipped... What does that mean? Abbie needs a re-paint! For some girls chipped nails may upset them but for me it's a sign that a new design needs to be tried! With the arrival of my Models Own polishes earlier in the week this re-paint is even MORE exciting!

Today I was inspired by feeling feminine after my ballet session. A leotard and ballet shoes always makes me feel girly for some reason. When I returned I cracked out my polishes and selected these three...

Here you can see my new Models Own polishes:

Pink Blush
Lili's Pink
Indian Ocean

I really was craving a blending design; you can see how I do this in one of my previous posts 

How are you finding your favourite nail polish brand? Reckon it may be time to mix things up a bit? Go for it!

x Abster x


  1. Ooooo very pretty Abs!
    I just posted a new nail art post so go and check it out. It features Models Own, and I reckon the design is right up your street ;)

    Charlotte xo

    1. Thank you my daaaarling! Oooooooh I shall do that RIGHT NOW! Thanks bubs xxx

      Abbie x

  2. Love this! Indian Ocean is such a gorgeous colour. xo

    1. Thank you honey! Yeah it worked so well with this design as it carries on this pink shimmer all the way down the nail! xxx

      Abbie xox