Monday, 8 October 2012

#11 Nails

I'm so sorry I've abandoned you all this past week but I've been crazy busy with Uni and travelling home for my birthday! Whilst I was gone a lovely package arrived for me and today I got to open it...

Excited? YESSS. I owe this package to the beautiful Charlotte from Charbuckss. She told me about Models Own having a Summer Sale once they reached 100,000 facebook likes. I liked the page and a few weeks later every polish was slashed by 50% MAKING EACH ONE £2.50. i WAS ECSTATIC. Let's look inside.

Oh yes indeedy, I treated myself. A little 19th present for myself I think.
From top row left to bottom row right we have...

Top Turquoise
Indian Ocean
Lilac Dream
Tickled Pink
Pink Blush
Peacock Green
Disco Mix
Lili's Pink
Blooming Pink

Ahhhhh! I slightly feel guilty and as though I'm cheating on my Barry M's with a hotter, younger, more extravagant version or nail fun. I'm sure they understand it's just a phase.

Then and there I knew I had to get cracking...

Here you can see my turquoise bead design!

Here I used my new Top Turquoise and an amazing nail art set from MUA that my boyfriend's mum bought me for my birthday on Sunday. See it's not just you lovely lot that hear about my nail obsession. 

The beads were pretty fiddly to use but so worth it! I'm dead chuffed with my new purchases and lush b-day prezzies.

A birthday post will follow shortly to let you look into my bag of prezzies ;)

In the mean time, let me know which of my new Models Own colours you want me to involve in my next nail design.

x Abster x


  1. No problem my lovely ;) So proud you've made your first Models Own purchase, and so much pink, which is hardly a surprise. I love the new MUA nail constillation products! They look so awesome.

    I've mislaid my Top Turquoise so I must get hunting for it. Your pictures made me miss it big time (reality check needed it's only a nail polish!)

    Charlotte xo

    1. Yayyyy! :D I know, I'm too happy. Plus, I had my first roast dinner here at uni and now nail painting and a roast has made this maybe equal to my birthday. Happy gal... ;) x

  2. Lovely colours. I really rate Models Own polishes. They last ages without chipping and the colours are bold with two coats unlike other more pricey brands. Off to nosy at their website now.