Monday, 29 October 2012

#16 Nails: Special Edition

Happy -almost- Halloweeeeeeen! This week I am planning on trying lots of different Halloween designs out! This is my first design; I hope you lovely lot like it <3
This design has lots of random elements but brings in loads of Halloween themed piccies! My favourite either is the cute ghost or the bats in the sky.

The colours used were hard to decide on! I wanted to use white for the ghost and cobweb however navy blue for the night sky with the bats!

The colours I used were Barry M, shock horror. I used white and my two relatively new Gelly Barry M's! These new edition paints are incredible. The polish is amazing and after one thin coat the nail is done with a beautiful shimmer! To add detailing I used my black nail art pen and brush. All finished off with a glossy top coat! 

First off, I must apologize for the awful photo quality. I took these pics from my iPhone as my camera has just broken :( My beautiful pink cam... Waa. I'm looking for a new one or to even fix this one as it's my love! Hopefully not too long!

For this design I used my base coat, dried, then applied a really thin layer of navy so it dried quickly but with Barry M's Gelly Paints they only need a tiny coat! Perfection. After this I used a sponge to create the tone of the night sky on my middle nail. I used my Barry M White to create the ghost's body.

After this I just went crazy! It's quite easy to pick out all the elements on this design and copy away! 

If any of you want to try this design out PLEEEEASE do and send me pictures to show me your awesome Halloween nails!

Happy Halloween Bloggers!

x Abster x

Saturday, 27 October 2012

October Buys...

I cannot believe how fast October has gone; its can't be November this week?! Now, I haven't done a 'Buys' post since July, since I started this blog. This month has seen pretty random buys, I must admit so here's a run down of the latest buys this months from moi...

Topshop Eared Knitted Hat - £14.00 (£12.60 with Student Card)

This hat is cute, no? I had my first shift at work today and to start they got me leafleting in the freeeeezing cold! It's not Autumn, I swear it's Winter. It was painful. Before my shift I raced to Topshop and this little cutie caught my eye. The cream colour doesn't wash my pale complexion out and the ears are dead sweet. I got so many comments from cute old men about wanting to steal my hat. Oh and another bonus is it didn't make my hair go static! Love it :) 

Superdrug Deap Cleansing Mud Mask - £2.59 

This magic stuff has healed up my horrendous skin over the past week and a bit. I had broken out through stress, I think, and was in despair so knew I needed a fix me up! Face masks always help but this one is particularly good owing to the cheap as chips price and the consistency of the 'mud'. It dries quickly and you really feel much clearer afterwards with silky soft skin!

Models Own Lilac Dream - £5

As some of you may know, I ordered myself a bulk lot of Model Own polishes this month owing to their 'Summer Sale' which slashed all polishes half price (making this polish only £2.50 for me at the time). I splashed out and bought myself 9 polishes but this Ice Cream colour edition is my FAVE! Perfect consistency for any design I want to do and the paints don't chip easily. 

River Island Blue and Cream Checked Shirt - £25

At the beginning of the month I went shopping with my Uni buddy, Jenny. We went into River Island and this caught my eye. I love shirts because they look so cute with high waisted denim shorts, jeans, anything. Or perfect for just lounging about in. The cuddly material of this shirt is so snug, perfect for the current weather!

Accessorize Travel Bag in Oriental - £40

In my Autumn Wishlist post you will have seen my plea for a travel bag which I can take home on the train and back for when I travel back home from Uni. I had my eye on a beautiful Red Tote from River Island that was £70. After the post I went further into my hunt for the perfect travel companion and found this beauty. Not only did I save myself £30 BUT the bag is bigger, a silk material, has a gorgeous inner lining and the straps will never break! I'm in love with it. I have now had it for a week and haven't been able to put it away, it's just there, hanging on my coat hook waiting to be taken home. I love it!

How's your October been shopping wise? Any exciting buys?

Lots of love to you all!

x Abster x

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

#15 Nails

I have so much to update you on bloggers! Before I do, I thought I'd give you a looksie into my new nail design which I've now had on for a few days! I LOVE IT. It's so girly and really in this year with all the pastel colours. I just can't let go of summer can I? 

So here is my opal/ water colour design! It looks a little like the marbling designs I have previously done but this design is done in a totally different way! 

Here are the colours I used to mesh together in this design to create a pastel paradise! Can you believe there are no Barry M's :o... Unfortunately Barry M's are slightly too runny and thin in texture to work for this design, thicker paints are required. My life was saved by No. 17 (from Boots) Lasting Fix pastel range as well as Lilac Dream from Model's Own.

Below you can see my cling film I had to use for this design. You can also use a sandwich bag or anything made from this consistency of plastic etc.

To get started I painted my nails completely white so to bring out the top design. This worked really well and I left this to completely dry before starting the design.

After the white had dried I then added a load of different coloured blobs of paint (quite a lot of paint in each blob). Then, you wrap the cling film over the nail and gently pat across the nail to mold all of the colours together to create this effect...

I then continued with this process until each nail was covered!

Hope you like this one lovelies <3

Before I go I must update you: I got myself a job!! I'm working at a cutsie little bistro here where I go to Uni. I'm so happy! Means Christmas wont be too sparse this year and I can start saving for the exciting prospect of my future! I'm so sooo happy at the moment; Uni has really made me so much more independent and I'm loving it so much. If any of you beautiful bloggers are wondering about whether to make that leap into the big wide world either to uni or out their on your own, I say do it! There's nothing like making YOURSELF proud! Go out there, succeed and be so happy. Never hold back, you wont regret it, I certainly don't.

Loads of lovin' to you all...

x Abster x

Monday, 15 October 2012

#14 Nails...

I have full on treated you lot this week with a post everyday! I am really into nail art at the moment and I get so excited every time something inspires me! This edition shows my Galaxy Nails Design. I love it, it may actually be my favourite design I've ever done!

Before I show you beauties how I got his look let me introduce you to my new purchases in the form of Gelly Barry M's. I walked into the drug store and saw these sitting on the shelf of the Barry M compartment. I almost had a heart attack. From my previous posts I'd realised I lacked blues in my polish collection so grabbed these two beauties of the shelf and into my basket!

Here are Blue Plum and Blueberry - so prettyful!! The Gelly collection gives you a shining finish in just one coat! I am yet to try them to their full potential but I did incorporate both into my design! 

Let me get cracking and show you how I did this new design! 

Here are the polishes I used - all Barry M again (bar my base and top coat from Rimmel). I just can't keep away - they are definitely my favourite!

I started with my base coat, allowed this to dry then popped on 2 coats of Barry M's Black. This black polish gives such a glossy finish without even a top coat! 

Once allowing to touch dry I grabbed my make up sponge and dabbed a drop of Blue Plum and dabbed in the corner or side of each nail. I then repeated this with Blueberry to create a really deep layering of blues.

You can already see the design starting to emerge! My sponge started to look like this!

Next I added the pink to the sponge and dabbed across the nail to create this look:

After this I then coated a thin layer of Pink Iridescent (glitter) to create the appearance of stars! Then I topped it all off with a Rimmel top coat to give the look a shine! This also brought the whole design together into GALAXY NAILS!

I am beyond pleased with this design. I'm so happy with how it turned out and may be keeping this on for a while! :D

Hope you like this one my lovelies <3

x Abster x

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Baking Blogger...

Weekends at Uni are times where I kind of wish I was home. I get easily bored without my lectures and practical sessions every day in the week and the weekend is a nice rest, yeah but I like to stay busy else I really start to feel home-sick. So today I thought I'd be productive and bake some cakes for my first year-ers in Performing Arts. Believe it or not bloggers but this girl LOVES to bake and my mum has taught me from a very young age the difference from your bog standard Vicky Sponge to your chocolate souffles. Here is what I made...

Vanilla Malteaser Cupcakes!!
They turned out brilliantly and even with the lack of measuring scales I managed to guesstimate the measurements of my ingredients - that was lucky!

Let me show you how I did it :)

All you will need is:

220g Buuter
220g Self Raising Flour
220g Caster Sugar
4 eggs
Vanilla Essence
A dash of milk
Icing Sugar
x2 Packets of Malteasers

- Roughly £7

The first step is to pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees. 
Now, cream together the caster sugar and butter until light and fluffy.
Now add the eggs (pre-whisked with vanilla essence) a bit at a time so not to let the mixture curdle and to keep air in the mixture to make the cakes light!

Now, carefully fold in the flour with a metal spoon making a figure of 8 pattern in the mixture to not to allow the air to escape from the mixture. Once this step is complete add a dash of milk to make the mixture droopy and spoon into cupcake cases so they are half full.

Pop the cakes in the oven for 10-15 mins or until light golden.

I even think one took it into their room to polish off. Shh, I didn't notice ;)

Once out of the oven, leave to cool with a tea towel placed on top and guard closely for any greedy people!

About 30 mins later it was time to make the butter icing!

Now this was all pure estimation soooo Use another 1/4 of the pack of butter and put enough icing sugar in the bowl to make the butter taste really sweet. Add Vanilla Essence to make the butter icing even yummier. Now, one of the bags of malteasers I crushed using my palm and then tipped into the mixture! This made malteaser butter icing. DRIBBLE. 

Mix this all together then, using a knife, coat each cupcake with the icing and allow to set for 30 mins before placing a malteaser (from the 2nd packet) in the center of each cupcake!

And there you have it lovelies :)

Some comments I got from the flatmates were 'Oh my good lord Abbie, YES!', 'Mmmmm, mmmm, oh mmmm...' and '----' (enjoying too much to speak)...

Enjoy the recipe guys!

x Abster x

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Autumn Wishlist...

So it's that time of year where I get agitated and want to spend money but NO I have to save up to buy Christmas presents... Cry.

BUT, instead of being a misery guts about it, why not turn my sorrows into something lovely for you bloggers?! So here is my Autumn Wishlist which could indeed turn into my Christmas list!
Here's the down low (from top left to bottom right)

1. Ted Bake Purse - for xmas 2011 I got my beautiful Ted Baker handbag, the same colour as this beautiful purse and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a matching purse. Every girl needs a full set. Co-ordination is key! - £65
2. Chelsea Girl Ankle Boots - These beautttties are residing in River Island as we speak however they should be on my shoe rack!! At £70 a pair I have serious issues. They are beautiful and would look so dang good with my skater skirts and tight and socks but oh myyyy, that's a lot of dough.
3. Biker Jacket - Again, another River Island jobby. Isn't she beautiful? I can imagine just strutting my stuff all warm and looking lush in this this autumn. - £60
4. Models Own Polishes - as you all know I have recently expanded my nail varnish collection by investing in some amazing Models Own polishes. I am now addicted. So these three; Pastel Pink, Feeling Blue - Tropical & Northern Lights from the new Wonderland collection are my MUST HAVES! - £15
5. Rainbow Scarf - Topshop. What a beauty. This scarf is essential for those frosty mornings and nippy nights this coming cold patch. This baby will go with everything! GIMME. £14
6.Vans - I am an addict. Officially. After become the proud owner of a second pair of Vans for my birthday I NEED MORE. I am an awful person -.- This colour will look so good with jeans, shorts, skirts and even dresses! - £45
7. Rouge Bowler Bag - River Island again. Now this puppy I can visualize myself hopping on and off the train with on my visits home from uni. It is essential. None of this "Do I really need this?" business. The answer is YES I FREAKIN' DO, OKAY!? But £70 is crazy. Or is it?

What you guys thinking? This amazing lot would set me back a whopping £339. In the run up to Christmas shopping this is impossible for me. Oh waa. 

Maybe I should pick one thing and treat myself. I have a £20 River Island gift voucher from my birthday so that could persuade me one which way. Let me know which item you think I MUST HAVE!

Love you all and happy Autumn shopping!

x Abster x

#13 Nails

Hello again beauties <3
Another nail design for you today in the form of a fish tail design! Hope you like it!

This design was so fun to do and I used a video tutorial to learn how from MissJenGORGEOUS.

Here are the colours I used...

I started with my base colour are Model Own's Lilac Dream and used Disco Ball and Barry M's glossy purple to add to the fishtail design!

Sorry about the blur in that photo but it shows you a more detailed view of the design!

Hope you like this one my lovlies <3

x Abster x

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

#12 Nails

Today was tiring. So very tiring that my nails chipped... What does that mean? Abbie needs a re-paint! For some girls chipped nails may upset them but for me it's a sign that a new design needs to be tried! With the arrival of my Models Own polishes earlier in the week this re-paint is even MORE exciting!

Today I was inspired by feeling feminine after my ballet session. A leotard and ballet shoes always makes me feel girly for some reason. When I returned I cracked out my polishes and selected these three...

Here you can see my new Models Own polishes:

Pink Blush
Lili's Pink
Indian Ocean

I really was craving a blending design; you can see how I do this in one of my previous posts 

How are you finding your favourite nail polish brand? Reckon it may be time to mix things up a bit? Go for it!

x Abster x

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Blogger's Birthday...

As promised, here is a post to totally fill you in of my 19th Birthday antics over the weekend just gone. It pains me to think I'll never be 18 again. Anyone who is 17, look forward to it and cherish it. It's probably the best age so far. So much freedom with little responsibility. What an amazing year of being 18 I had! Here starts my 20th year of living... 

So, to start my celebrations I traveled home from Gloucester to Cambridgeshire on Friday, which took a good 3 hours and 15 mins! Seeing my family again was so lovely after my first 3 weeks of settling in at University. That night my best friend picked me up and we got all of our glad rags on and hit Peterborough Town with our good friend Dan. 

We had such a fun night and I got so many "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"'s! I was told on multiple occasions that I don't look 19. Is that good? Or not? Oh well. Paha.

After a short night's sleep on Friday my boyfriend picked me up from Perri's on Saturday morning and as I got in the car a bunch of gorgeous pink and glittery roses lay there on the passenger seat! He knows me sooo well. I was so happy! THE most Abbie flowers ever.

When we arrived at his house he couldn't wait any longer to give me my presents - I wasn't complaining. His lovely mum (as in my previous post) bought me nail art things from MUA. Then came these two Pandora bags :o

For our anniversary he bought me a Pandora bracelet so I was rather interested and bloomin' excited to know what these two bags had inside of them. The first held a Pandora charm which read 'Forever Together'... blush. What a cutie <3
The next bag I ripped open in excitement to reveal a gorgeous Pandora necklace (a silver chain on which dangled a Pandora ring)... I felt utterly spoilt! 
As well as this he then took me to the cinema and out for a meal. What a keeper!

After dropping me off at home on Saturday night I finally got to sleep in my gorgeous bed after a whole 3 weeks. Memory foam spoils you for life, avoid. Haha. The nights before my birthday I can never ever sleep but that night I slept without a peep! 

As I woke up on my 19th Birthday my whole family sang me happy birthday and gave me all my amazing gifts. Below you can see them laid out on the window seat of our living room... I was lucky enough to receive driving lessons (at LAST - I enjoy my pink vespa too much!), Cath Kidston box with bowl, egg cup and mug (gorgeous!), new navy Vans, a gorgeous good luck charm and Hello Kitty bits and bobs from my sister, a gorgeous Japanese vanity case from my brother, new boots, pj's, sweets, JUST DANCE 4 and some make up cases. I was so happy!

Charlie then came over to have a family birthday lunch with us before I had to leave to go back to University. I felt so sad having to leave home. I feel like I'm always saying goodbye. However, when I got back to Uni my lovely flatmate Jenny bought me a big badge, some O.P.I. Nail Polish and a lovely card! As everyone returned from their weekends at home we all got ready and hit the town to celebrate! I had such an awesome night and wore my sailor River Island playsuit along with my new navy Vans (couldn't be dealing with heels and sore feet). We went to this club called Thirteen Degrees and the band Duke (from this year's X Factor - Judges Houses) were guest performers. They were INCREDIBLE. The most amazing beat boxers ever. They even sang happy birthday to me and took pictures with me and my uni guys after the gig. AN AMAZING NIGHT to round of an amazing birthday!

Enjoying being the age you are bloggers and always look forward to the future! No regrets x

x Abster x

Monday, 8 October 2012

#11 Nails

I'm so sorry I've abandoned you all this past week but I've been crazy busy with Uni and travelling home for my birthday! Whilst I was gone a lovely package arrived for me and today I got to open it...

Excited? YESSS. I owe this package to the beautiful Charlotte from Charbuckss. She told me about Models Own having a Summer Sale once they reached 100,000 facebook likes. I liked the page and a few weeks later every polish was slashed by 50% MAKING EACH ONE £2.50. i WAS ECSTATIC. Let's look inside.

Oh yes indeedy, I treated myself. A little 19th present for myself I think.
From top row left to bottom row right we have...

Top Turquoise
Indian Ocean
Lilac Dream
Tickled Pink
Pink Blush
Peacock Green
Disco Mix
Lili's Pink
Blooming Pink

Ahhhhh! I slightly feel guilty and as though I'm cheating on my Barry M's with a hotter, younger, more extravagant version or nail fun. I'm sure they understand it's just a phase.

Then and there I knew I had to get cracking...

Here you can see my turquoise bead design!

Here I used my new Top Turquoise and an amazing nail art set from MUA that my boyfriend's mum bought me for my birthday on Sunday. See it's not just you lovely lot that hear about my nail obsession. 

The beads were pretty fiddly to use but so worth it! I'm dead chuffed with my new purchases and lush b-day prezzies.

A birthday post will follow shortly to let you look into my bag of prezzies ;)

In the mean time, let me know which of my new Models Own colours you want me to involve in my next nail design.

x Abster x