Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Take a looksie...

So my lovelies, I believe we have become close enough to give you a peek into my make up bag. Firstly, I must apologise for the state it is in... Concealer everywhere.

So this is, yep, my eye. Hi there. 

I suffer from crazily awful dark under eye circles. I've tried everything and being a very heavy sleeper it's nothing to do with lack of sleep. I am a paley waley and very fair which doesn't help. However, my make-up bag is my life-line. Here's what is inside...

So, let me go through this hefty lot that I smother my face in every morning...

I always start by prepping my face like a blank canvas, smooth and blemish free. Something I start with is Garnier Roll On which hides my dark circles like a treat. I then apply my Garnier BB cream. I think this BB is the BB-BEST. ;) In the Fair tone it matches my skin colour perfectly and gives me a matte-effect before applying anything else. Next comes my Collection 2000 'Fair 1' concealer which is THE best concealer in the entire universe (my opinion). Many other concealers i.e. the stick type ones always gave me a chicken-skin kind of look as the concealer would mold into each of my pours. Not hot. However, Collection 2000's amazing concealer is 'da bomb.

Here's what I smack all over my eyes after preparing my canvas ;).
I always wear eye shadow as when I was little I was very sick and caused a lot of scars on my eye lids from broken veins and things. This light reflecting baby pink Rimmel eye shadow hides these really well and also gives me a glossy, bright- eyed look. Next is my brown eyeliner. As a fair blondie, black can be too harsh on my eyes so brown gives my eyes a nice soft outline. Then, on the top I use Rimmel gel eyeliner. I LOVE THIS STUUFFFFF! i create a subtle cat eye effect with my liner to lengthen my small eyes and give the appearance of much more full eye lashes. To enhance these more I then use the corniest named mascara in the whole world; Maybeline ILLEGAL LENGTH. PAH! But it bloomin' works. I always brush on top of my lashed before applying to the underneath as this creates a more volumised look.

To top it all off I then apply Collection 2000's Lasting Effect Compact Powder.

All of this paint (and a bit of computer editing) makes me look like this....

 Ta Dah.

What's your secret make -up MUST?

x Abster x


  1. I adore that Collection 2000 concealer. As you put it, it is 'da bomb'.

    Looking beautiful as per usual Abs!

    Charlotte xo

  2. Thanks honey beeeee! It's a miracle concealer. xox

  3. Hi! your blog is fab! :D have you tried Benefit lemon aid? just a thought for your eye lids, as it is basically a primer for your eyes but it covers any imperfections and corrects the skin. it really is amazing and is lovely by itself for a fresh faced look! :)

    Jen xxx

  4. Hi Jen, thanks soo much for the recommendation. I shall look into that one ;)
    Thank you!

    x Abbie x