Saturday, 8 September 2012

#6 Nails

Happy Saturday to all you wonderful bloggers. I had my last day at work before Uni today so to celebrate complete nail painting freedom, here is a new design for you lovelies!

Here you can see my little creation that I like to call Cute Girl design. It's pretty dang cute don't ya think. See, I'm a pink-a-holic. (Are you really that shocked?). I've felt my designs so far have lacked a bloomin' lot of pink so here's my fix.

Here are the colours I used to create the design. I am also quite amazed you can see something other than Barry M here. However, the No. 17 collection at Boots is really great for pastel  colours and this pink saw me and wanted to be owned by me so climbed into my basket. I also used a black paint from eBay (cheapo jobby) with a tiny brush to create thin strokes and dots; black and pink. 

Wanna know how it's done?

First step is BASE COAT! We all know that but now. After this is totally dry we then apply some sticky tape to a section of the nail you want to be white (excusing a random nail which will be tape free and purely white). Now, paint away.

Once this is dry, gently peel away the sticky tape to reveal plain nail. Now, carefully fill in this section with white paint.

It's starting to come together!

Next step is to let these dry for a while before carefully painting in a black line across where the two colours merge and then placing random black dots on the white sections and fully white nail.

All we have left to do is pop some baby pink dots on the white sections and fully white nail followed by a glossy top coat and ta dahhhh.
There you have it my lovelies. Cute Girl nails!!

Do you creative bloggers have any nail designs you want me to try out? Give me a shout and it could be featured in my next Nail Post!

x Abster x


  1. You are just tooo good at nails Miss Abbie! Come round and do mine please before you go away? aha xx

  2. Very pretty! I wish I had the patience for things like this! xo

    1. Thank you :)
      Sometimes I get so frustrated if a design doesn't work :( I have to be in a good mind set to attempt complicated ones i.e. marbles.

      x Abbie x

  3. Your blog posts are really great so keep up the good work :) I love nail art so really like looking to other people's posts for inspiration. The colours on this look so pretty and I really must give it a go soon :) X