Thursday, 6 September 2012

#5 Nails

This mid-week nail art is rather simple for moi but I sometimes prefer a more simple look, especially when heading for a night out (such as, tonight! Eeep). 

So, today I've used my BRAND NEW 'bright red' Barry M polish. This is a major thing for me to confess but shhhh I think it's my favourite one. :o

For this design I painted my nails with a base coat, allowed it to dry then applied about 3 coats of red onto each nail before allowing to dry overnight. (This is mega important).
In the morning my nails were bone dry which meant applying tap to create a stencil wouldn't rip off any partially dry paint. I then applied some tape which I had cut into a thunderbolt stencil. This is a tricky process which needs some patience (Nails being the only thing which I have patience for).
I then brushed, carelessly, over the tape and the exposed nail. I then left this (and the tape) to dry before peeling the tape back to find my crazzzzy design had WORKED. 

Then, I popped on a top coat for a shiny, protected finish :D

Happy Me.

You may remember me mentioning a recent shopping trip in which I was pondering if I would return with any more Barry M's...

Well would you look at that...

Shocked? Naa...

Here you can see the gorgeous Bright Red and Pink Sparkly Indescent polishes. One is now on my nails and one on my toe nails. I'm all Barry M'ed up.

x Abster x


  1. I am LOVING these lightning bolt nails - very cool! :) xo

  2. I'm loving the colour red and the nail art :)

    Tanesha x

  3. Thank you, ya darlings <3

    Have any nail designs you want me to try out? Just post on here and I'll feature them in my next Nail post.

    x Abbie x


  4. Wow, this is fantastic. I love the colours.

    Just Smile.