Sunday, 2 September 2012

#4 Nails

All I'm going to say is note the day. You know what that means; a very happy Abbie!
Today's nail design links to #3 Nails as I used marble technique but, with the use of a needle, I then created a swirling pattern. 

Firstly, I painted each nail with the Bible base coat and then whacked on a coat of white. 
Following this, I used tape to protect my nail beds to prevent me from having to carefully remove excess paint. Neat freak :) Then DIP away!

Guess what? Yup, I used all Barry M's. However, if you look it appears I've used many more colours than just 3 but the blending has created pinks, purples and grey in my final design. Something I didn't expect, a nice surprise!

Have a go bloggers!

x Abster x

P.s. I'm going shopping tomorrow - will I come back with more paint to add to my collection? ;)

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