Friday, 28 September 2012

#Nails 10

Hello there me lovliesss, it's nail painting time.
After my full on day at Uni I really needed to kick back and sort my nails out. Today I felt rather extravagant. Do you like?

Now this one is a completely crazy new attempt at something random. I chose to just go crayyy and create a different design on every finger. WHAT A NUT!

For this design (if you can call it that, more like strange put-together) I used my Bright Red, White and Black Barry M's and my nail-star Black which allowed me to create lines and detail with the thin brush.

A very rare event for you all now... MY RIGHT HAND...  

This hand shows even MORE nutty designs.

I'm so freaaaking exciting for the next post my lovlies. Hopefully you'll see this at the start of next week.

x Abster x

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Fresher's Beauty Diary...

Hey there beauties. So, this week is now my second week of University. I SURVIVED FRESHERS. Snaps for meeee.
This week I came to Uni slightly unprepared I have to admit. I broke out in a million spots, felt a little run down and had awfully dry skin. Not how I like to roll. 
To amend this disastrous turn of events I hit Superdrug like a tornado.
Here you can see all of the new products I have relied on this week to fix me up.

Firstly, there is the much needed Multivitamins and constant supply of water! I've never felt so awake and energetic before, invest girls, invest! (Will only set you back about £2)

Starting tomorrow I have ballet all week so I had to invest in a hair tie for my bun and grips to fix this in place. My ballet teacher trained in Germany so is harsh as harsh gets. But, I'M SO EXCITED! Here's how it makes my hair look...

Tomorrow morning when I'm woken from the dead I have to fix this in place, much neater than you see here. Wish me luck.

Here's the drink I have been enjoying on my nights out in Fresher's week. Just plonk a little Vodka in to this juice and voila, my fave, a woo woo!

Now bloggers, drinking is nooooot good for your complexion so I recommend drinking lightly, I never tend to drink much. But, a woo woo I cannot resist.

Next you see my moisturizer with mango extract which smells divine and even after just one use my skin was silky smooth. I like to get in my pj's, moisturize and go to sleep. In the morning I'm slippery smooth, tehe.
Also, here is my instant tan; I have a GOSH mitt which I use to apply this lovely bronzing. I am so very pale I have to give my legs and arms a quick coat of bronze to stand a chance!
The cotton pads, a MUST for applying facial toner and using my nail varnish remover.

Last but definitely not least is my facial cleansing regime. This week stress, excitement, late nights and exercise has left my skin a mess. I've has spots in places on my face I never knew I could. It has NOT been fun. This week my flatmate suggested the Clean & Clear deep action and exfoliating lotions. After one use my skin has completely cleared up. Either this is a miracle or this stuff is golden! I recommend only exfoliating a max of 3 times a week as this strips the skin of dead skin cells. If you exfoliate too often you can create red blotches and sores. Nonetheless, Clean & Clear is 'da bomb'.

All of these beauty prods have left me in a crazy happy mood because, in myself, I feel happy, energized and even kind of pretty :D 

Any freshers out there? Have an awesome few weeks!

Any thing catch your eye?

x Abster x

Saturday, 22 September 2012

#9 Nails

Happy Saturday my lovely bloggers <3
I am going for a much more shocking look this week. So much has changed recently so why not change my girly nail designs. (Don't worry, only for this week) 
This one I like to call Rockstar Sparkle.

Again, it's a toning design but I used Black, Silver Sparkle and my eBay design paints to create the design!

Do you like? 

Also this week I painted my flatmate's nails tooooo :D Finally have someone to experiement on! Paha.

Jenny loves Hello Kitty so, I kitty-ed her up.

This design is surprisingly easy as all it take is a pink nails, dry time, pick a feature nail, whack a white coat on the top of the nail, create 6 whiskers with black, 2 eyes and a cute little nose, also a bow looks cute. 


I also went shopping today... What does that mean!?


Welcome aboard Bright Purple and Strawberry Ice! WOOOO.


x Abster x

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

#8 Nails

Hey lovelies, I finished class today and noticed the hideous state of my nails after moving in and freshers events. Hence, here is a fix of joyous nail decoration for you beautiful bloggers.

JIGSAW! I am slowly running out of inspiration at the moment but the move to uni and everything I've been up to have given my nail-spiration. WOOP.

This design is really simple but takes a lot of patience and a still hand. Let me show you how I did this...

First of all I picked out some colours which really complimented each other, 2 shades of blue and 2 of purple. I love using these Barry M's as the gloss over and dry so well. 

The first step is bible basssse coat! Then we divide our nail into four corners. Like this...

 and paint away...

The next step is to let that dry and then apply a little blob of paint next to each colour to create the jigsaw effect and make it look inter-connecting!


x Abster x

Introducing UNI...

Hello strangers, I'm so sorry I haven't posted this week yet but getting settled in Uni has taken up my week! But, I LOVE IT.

Let me take you on a diddy tour of my halls of residence. 

Here's my wee beddy :) Pink of course! Excuse the pj's and handbag haha. 
Also, I have a magnetic photo display which hangs from the wall there next to my mirror. You like?

Here's my 'study' area BUT it's far more my 'make-up/dressing table' paha. What a good student I will be! One of the first things I did was whack all those photos up on the pin board. Digging in those pins was increasingly agonizing haha.


Now you've seen it all. Don't you love it.
I know I do. I feel so at home here and that was one thing I was mega worried about. But, I'm a happy chappy & my course is insanely awesome even though I'm full time 9-5 mon-fri. Wow. 

Good Luck to everyone starting Uni this week <3

x Abster x

Thursday, 13 September 2012

#7 Nails

Today I spent hours and hours sorting my bedroom out into boxes and vacuum packs of clothes for university. I also sorted out a gorgeous little box for my most precious nail polishes which I will not be able to live without at Uni.

So, the next however many 'Nail' posts you see this coming year will be provided from this little box of heaven. Also, I then felt inspired to whack some paint on my nails and finished with a toning design again. I hate repeating designs for you guys but sorry, I caved. I wanted a toner ;)

I, of course, got the most out of my Barry M's for this design!

 However, with the make-up sponge, it's a messy ol' design so the last step I performed was getting the excess paint of with a cotton bud and nail remover. 

Then I popped on a fast drying top coat and WOOOOPEEE. My university freshers nails. 

I'll let you into a secret though, I didn't intend to go for a toning design but actually a stamper design as you can see below using card stampers and tape but this epic-ally failed to my total depression. 

I'm going to attempt this design again soon... so watch out ;) x

Next time you read a nail art post from moi it will be from Gloucester... Scary!

x Abster x

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Uni Blues...

So in approximately 86 hours (3 days and a bit) I will be in the car on the way to the rest of my life a.k.a. University. I am so nervous. No, nervous is an understatement. Don't get me wrong, I am so excited to start my course and be embarking on the rest of my life but leaving home, leaving my boyfriend and leaving my best friend is really playing on my mind. I'm hoping writing this all for you to read is really going to help me.

This week has been full of goodbyes but the hardest one so far has to be saying goodbye (for now) to my best friend, Perri.

Isn't she lush, hehe.

Perri and I have been best friends for 12 years now. Crazy I know. The craziest thing is we have never had one single spat or argument or 'I'm not your friend anymoreeee' sessions. We've been through a heck of a lot together over those 12 years which has made us more than best friends. We're sisters. 

Today I popped round to say goodbye to her and my second family. That was tough.

I've got some more goodbyes coming up including my lovely boyfriend and wonderful family. Dread. 

BUT, I have been constantly saying to myself "Do not cry because it's over, but smile because it happened." The past two years have been incredible at sixth form, meeting some of my very best friend, my boyfriend and staying just as close to my lovely Perri. Nothing will change, life will only get better.

If you are heading to Uni this year I wish you the best of luck and hope you know a little of what I'm feeling.

x Abster x

Saturday, 8 September 2012

#6 Nails

Happy Saturday to all you wonderful bloggers. I had my last day at work before Uni today so to celebrate complete nail painting freedom, here is a new design for you lovelies!

Here you can see my little creation that I like to call Cute Girl design. It's pretty dang cute don't ya think. See, I'm a pink-a-holic. (Are you really that shocked?). I've felt my designs so far have lacked a bloomin' lot of pink so here's my fix.

Here are the colours I used to create the design. I am also quite amazed you can see something other than Barry M here. However, the No. 17 collection at Boots is really great for pastel  colours and this pink saw me and wanted to be owned by me so climbed into my basket. I also used a black paint from eBay (cheapo jobby) with a tiny brush to create thin strokes and dots; black and pink. 

Wanna know how it's done?

First step is BASE COAT! We all know that but now. After this is totally dry we then apply some sticky tape to a section of the nail you want to be white (excusing a random nail which will be tape free and purely white). Now, paint away.

Once this is dry, gently peel away the sticky tape to reveal plain nail. Now, carefully fill in this section with white paint.

It's starting to come together!

Next step is to let these dry for a while before carefully painting in a black line across where the two colours merge and then placing random black dots on the white sections and fully white nail.

All we have left to do is pop some baby pink dots on the white sections and fully white nail followed by a glossy top coat and ta dahhhh.
There you have it my lovelies. Cute Girl nails!!

Do you creative bloggers have any nail designs you want me to try out? Give me a shout and it could be featured in my next Nail Post!

x Abster x

Thursday, 6 September 2012

#5 Nails

This mid-week nail art is rather simple for moi but I sometimes prefer a more simple look, especially when heading for a night out (such as, tonight! Eeep). 

So, today I've used my BRAND NEW 'bright red' Barry M polish. This is a major thing for me to confess but shhhh I think it's my favourite one. :o

For this design I painted my nails with a base coat, allowed it to dry then applied about 3 coats of red onto each nail before allowing to dry overnight. (This is mega important).
In the morning my nails were bone dry which meant applying tap to create a stencil wouldn't rip off any partially dry paint. I then applied some tape which I had cut into a thunderbolt stencil. This is a tricky process which needs some patience (Nails being the only thing which I have patience for).
I then brushed, carelessly, over the tape and the exposed nail. I then left this (and the tape) to dry before peeling the tape back to find my crazzzzy design had WORKED. 

Then, I popped on a top coat for a shiny, protected finish :D

Happy Me.

You may remember me mentioning a recent shopping trip in which I was pondering if I would return with any more Barry M's...

Well would you look at that...

Shocked? Naa...

Here you can see the gorgeous Bright Red and Pink Sparkly Indescent polishes. One is now on my nails and one on my toe nails. I'm all Barry M'ed up.

x Abster x

Beauty Wishlist...

After a long browsing session through town I am fully aware of the lack of good cosmetics I own. Only problem is... I need an endless supply of money. Reasonable request.

However, rather than moping around feeling sorry for myself I decided to produce a wishlist for my fairy godmother to come and grant me cosmetic heaven. I can dream.

1. Benefit Pore-fessional Primer - This beauty minimizes pores before you even slap your make up on. Some say this is so good that you don't even need foundation. COME HITHER.
2. Benefit Boi-ing Concealer - As I have previously said, I have noticeably awful under eye dark circles and this amazing concealer is said to act as an 'industrial' concealer. YES!
3. Miss Dior Cherie - I managed to make my last bottle of this last for 11 months. Impressive. It was a gift from my very good friend, Ashley but I'm running low and the price hurts my pride. It smells like flowers and candy. It's beautiful.
4. St Tropez Self Tan - I am so pale. So very pale. I use a gradual tanner but this, also, is about to run out. Great! So, I am thinking of investing in a more permanent, professional and overall LUSH tanning product. This is the one everyone is raving about. 
5. Bobbi Brown Lip Colour in Red - When I go out I need a bit of colour on my smackers to liven up my pale complexion. A brave red is so in at the moment and acts as the perfect accessory to any look!
6. Benefit Lemon Aid Eye-Lid Primer - After a recommendation from the lovely Jen from after my cry about my awful eyelids in my previous post, Lemon Aid from Benefit hides any eye lid sins, creating a bright eyed look.
7. Of course, it's the Barry M polish - I WANT THEM ALL. End of story.

Unfortunately, in comparison to this lovely lot, I am poor. As soon as I win the lottery, this lot is MINE.

what is clogging up YOUR beauty wishlist?

x Abster x

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Take a looksie...

So my lovelies, I believe we have become close enough to give you a peek into my make up bag. Firstly, I must apologise for the state it is in... Concealer everywhere.

So this is, yep, my eye. Hi there. 

I suffer from crazily awful dark under eye circles. I've tried everything and being a very heavy sleeper it's nothing to do with lack of sleep. I am a paley waley and very fair which doesn't help. However, my make-up bag is my life-line. Here's what is inside...

So, let me go through this hefty lot that I smother my face in every morning...

I always start by prepping my face like a blank canvas, smooth and blemish free. Something I start with is Garnier Roll On which hides my dark circles like a treat. I then apply my Garnier BB cream. I think this BB is the BB-BEST. ;) In the Fair tone it matches my skin colour perfectly and gives me a matte-effect before applying anything else. Next comes my Collection 2000 'Fair 1' concealer which is THE best concealer in the entire universe (my opinion). Many other concealers i.e. the stick type ones always gave me a chicken-skin kind of look as the concealer would mold into each of my pours. Not hot. However, Collection 2000's amazing concealer is 'da bomb.

Here's what I smack all over my eyes after preparing my canvas ;).
I always wear eye shadow as when I was little I was very sick and caused a lot of scars on my eye lids from broken veins and things. This light reflecting baby pink Rimmel eye shadow hides these really well and also gives me a glossy, bright- eyed look. Next is my brown eyeliner. As a fair blondie, black can be too harsh on my eyes so brown gives my eyes a nice soft outline. Then, on the top I use Rimmel gel eyeliner. I LOVE THIS STUUFFFFF! i create a subtle cat eye effect with my liner to lengthen my small eyes and give the appearance of much more full eye lashes. To enhance these more I then use the corniest named mascara in the whole world; Maybeline ILLEGAL LENGTH. PAH! But it bloomin' works. I always brush on top of my lashed before applying to the underneath as this creates a more volumised look.

To top it all off I then apply Collection 2000's Lasting Effect Compact Powder.

All of this paint (and a bit of computer editing) makes me look like this....

 Ta Dah.

What's your secret make -up MUST?

x Abster x

Sunday, 2 September 2012

#4 Nails

All I'm going to say is note the day. You know what that means; a very happy Abbie!
Today's nail design links to #3 Nails as I used marble technique but, with the use of a needle, I then created a swirling pattern. 

Firstly, I painted each nail with the Bible base coat and then whacked on a coat of white. 
Following this, I used tape to protect my nail beds to prevent me from having to carefully remove excess paint. Neat freak :) Then DIP away!

Guess what? Yup, I used all Barry M's. However, if you look it appears I've used many more colours than just 3 but the blending has created pinks, purples and grey in my final design. Something I didn't expect, a nice surprise!

Have a go bloggers!

x Abster x

P.s. I'm going shopping tomorrow - will I come back with more paint to add to my collection? ;)