Saturday, 18 August 2012

My Nail Obsession...

It's Saturday, meaning my nails are polish free. Depression. But, to make myself feel a whole lot better and to get my nail art fix for the day I decided to clear out my nail polish. I found I have now established a nice wee collection of Barry M's. I think it's definitely my fave brand of polish.

Here are two more Barry M's I added to my collection yesterday. My last nail design did really require a white base BUT I didn't have one! Superdrug have a crazy good offer on at the moment where you can get 2 paints for £5. Perfect for a nail art crazy girl on a budget. I also bought myself a glitter polish. I have a pet-hate about glitter polish as it is a nightmare to get off. But, tried and tested, this one is easyyyy! HOORAY.

I thought I'd give you a little looksie into my nail draw. You like? If i'd have shown a before and after the tidy out photograph, I probably would have lost all of my followers owing to the disgracefulness of the clutter. Now look at it though! All in shade order too. 

Bloggers and nail art lovers, let me know the one colour I'm missing!

x Abster x

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