Sunday, 26 August 2012

Hairy Habits

Happy Sunday to you, my lovely bloggers. Today is supposed to be a day of jubilation and nail decoration BUT I have to work tomorrow as it's bank holiday Monday; and what does this mean? No nail paint creation for me tonight :(


BUT... So you beauties don't feel like I'm neglecting you here is a product review from when I went to Essex this week with my best friend Perri. I have always used V05 Hairspray as it gives a solid hold and easy brush away. However, V05 have recently brought out a whole range of new products for your locks. Here are the two products, along with my loved hairspray!

V05's Plump it Up is brilliant for getting that much needed volume at the roots for any look, up or down. When my hair is towel dry I spray about 7 times at my roots and blow dry with a round brush to give even more bounce. Now, my hair is very temperamental and loves to fall flat very quickly so this product is perfect!

This is a cheeky pic from our expedition to Essex: Here, I used my curling iron (Duhhh). Before use I sprayed 'Tousled up' onto the majority of my length and carefully curled away. My hair always holds curls but only for about an hour -.-. Joy of having stubbornly straight hair. BUT, like a miracle my curls stayed in alllll night :o


So there you have it. V05 is the bomb.

I bought these products from Boots as they are having a promotion of 2 for £5. At their usual price they would set you back about £3.98 each. It's a no brainer bloggers.

x Abster x

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