Monday, 13 August 2012

Got me some kicks...

A day trip to Cambridge finally gave me the chance to try on a pair of Vans. I have thought about it and toyed with the idea for some time now but the money... I'm so stingy. But today, I whacked a pair of size 5's on and they fit so well. I needed a pair of pumps to wear with little white socks, tanned legs and a black skater skirt for a results party this Thursday. The first things that popped into my head was creepers. Unfortunately my boyfriend is about an inch taller than me so the hugely thick soles on creepers would increase my height a bit too much. So sad, I know... What I then thought was VANS! I've wanted some for ages and today I finally splashed out £45 to be the proud owner of these lovely new kicks, baybayyy! Any shoes taking your fancy recently? I say GO FOR IT!

x Abster x

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