Thursday, 2 August 2012


I've managed to get myself a much-longed-for WiFi connection to update you lovely bloggers. Now, this is my fourth day here in Barcelona and it is to die for. Bloggers, you want sun, sand, culture and seriously good food, get here! I promised you all a little trend information about what is going on in this stunning city; geenie pants. Yes, you read correctly, geenie pants. Those massive, unflattering, hideously patterned trousers which make you appear as a mythical creature with purple skin who appears in a puff of smoke when your geenie lamp is rubbed. Every corner I turn I see a pair. It's quite disconcerting, but there you have it.

The food, do not get me started. I must have eaten more than I ever have in four days, definitly need to hit that gym when I'm back. But, the Spanish are amazingly talented at their cuisine in the form of small portioned Tapas. The variety is to die for; instead of ordering a large plate of something you have no idea if you'll enjoy, tapas allows you to taste 3 or 4 plates of cultural cuisine in one sitting. Perfect for avid yum searchers like moi.

Tomorrow I am coming home; I must admit I do love Britiain. The language, the homliness, the accent, the OLYMPICS and my memory foam. Kind of been missing my boyfriend too to be honest (don't tell him he's last in the list). But of course bloggers, I have missed YOU most.

Bon Voyage.

x Abster x

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