Wednesday, 29 August 2012

#3 Nails

This may come as a shock to you lovely readers but here is a mid week treat for my fellow nail addict-ees. HAPPY WEDNESDAY! This week I've attempted a marble art nail design and it worked!!  Yesterday I bought two more Barry M's. I just can't help my self.

Here you can see Raspberry and Cyan Blue. Makes me so happy adding to my collection :) EEP. So, let me show you how I did this Marble-ous creation. Wink wink.
First of all, pick your colour of base coat, again this week I went for a clear base, let it dry, and whacked on a coat of white as it will make your effect stand out no matter what. I chose three colours to use in my marble design, all Barry M of course!
Here they are...

I chose these three shades as they compliment each other; my new Cyan Blue, Sky Blue and White. So, once your base coat is dry, take a small cup and fill it with water. Set yourself a covered surface. Now, slowly drop a drip of colour onto the water's surface. Continue to drop different coloured blobs into the center of the previous until you get a pattern such as the picture below.

Now, dip your finger into the center of the pattern. Now, with a toothpick, chopstick or straw (anything you have lying around) and, with you finger still submerged, remove the excess paint, still floating on the surface, away from your finger, else this will ruin the established paint on the nail. Now, withdraw your finger and with a cotton bud and nail polish remover, remove the paint around your nail (it is quite a messy process, but so worth it). Repeat with each finger. This process can take a good half an hour!

If you get into any difficulty don't hesitate to pop a comment and I'll fly to your aid. 

Go on, try marbling! 

x Abster x

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