Sunday, 19 August 2012

#2 Nails

Well, it's that time again. One of my favourite times of the week, SUNDAY NIGHT! What does that equate to? Nail painting toooime. My initial idea didn't work out owing to the absence of straws in my house. I bet that's got you interested, you'll just have to wait. So I went for cheetah print! You can never ever go wrong with a good cheetah print. I have, before, created a lilac and deep purple print (very striking) and designed each nail, however, this week I want a more subtle look owing to my trip to Essex with my best friend, Perri. I have no idea what glam outfit I'll be wearing in the evening so thought a subtle white and gold will go with everything!

Want to know how I did it?

Well, you know me, I whacked out the Barry M's. For this design we follow the Bible rule of BASE COAT! Next step, I coated each nail in white. You can chose any colour just allow a good 30 mins drying time. Then, I grabbed the gold and placed an average of 5 randomly placed blobs of paint on each of my chosen fingers (try coating every finger for a more OUT THERE design that no one will miss). These then must dry for about 10 mins. After this, grab your liquid eyeliner. I had a little Rimmel Exaggerate left (it's not the best as the brush is spongy). Now this bit can be tricky but the beauty of using eyeliner is with one wipe of a make up wipe you can remove the black without damaging any of the rest of the prepped design. So, take the eyeliner and place 2 - 3 small swiped lines around each dot. (Take a look at my nails to see how to do this) and also place a few random black dots in between each dot. Can you see it emerging? Last but not least, use a top coat to even and protect the pattern. WARNING: Only do one stroke on each nail as the eyeliner WILL smudge. Well, there you have it!! Cheetah-licious.

x Abster x

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