Sunday, 12 August 2012

#1 Nails...

Every Sunday evening I paint my nails. That paint then comes off, unwillingly, on a Friday night owing to my job, sadly, not allowing nail polish. Basic denial of my human rights as a girl. Anyway, this week I decided to splash out and learn how to blend paints to create this gradual purple intensity. I am sooo pleased with the outcome! 

Blending is actually much easier than it appears; all you need is: a make up sponge, preferably triangular for easier application; 3 colours you wish to blend, it's best if these are lighter shades of the darkest - like the purples I have used here (lilac, pearl and violet). As you can tell, I like Barry M polish ;). Also, grab yourself a great base coat, I use french pink Collection 2000 as it gives a smooth coverage and long lasting finish. Also get a top coat, here shows Rimmel's 60 second dry. There may be a better one out there, but that one is cheap and cheerful and does the job. As you can see on the sponge I have dropped a dot of each colour next to each other on different sides of the sponge. I then dabbed the blots across each nail horizontally (you can try vertically!) and repeated to get a full covered tri-blend. Soooo cool, no? GIVE IT A GO!

x Abster x