Thursday, 30 August 2012

Puppy Love

I thought it was about time I introduced you lovely readers to my new puppy called George. He enjoys sitting by me whilst I read some of your blogs and seems to enjoy when I scroll down, making whimpering noise and wagging that curly tail of his. He's a blog lover already! I'm seriously tempted to paint his claws... Would that be against animal rights?

x Abster x

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

#3 Nails

This may come as a shock to you lovely readers but here is a mid week treat for my fellow nail addict-ees. HAPPY WEDNESDAY! This week I've attempted a marble art nail design and it worked!!  Yesterday I bought two more Barry M's. I just can't help my self.

Here you can see Raspberry and Cyan Blue. Makes me so happy adding to my collection :) EEP. So, let me show you how I did this Marble-ous creation. Wink wink.
First of all, pick your colour of base coat, again this week I went for a clear base, let it dry, and whacked on a coat of white as it will make your effect stand out no matter what. I chose three colours to use in my marble design, all Barry M of course!
Here they are...

I chose these three shades as they compliment each other; my new Cyan Blue, Sky Blue and White. So, once your base coat is dry, take a small cup and fill it with water. Set yourself a covered surface. Now, slowly drop a drip of colour onto the water's surface. Continue to drop different coloured blobs into the center of the previous until you get a pattern such as the picture below.

Now, dip your finger into the center of the pattern. Now, with a toothpick, chopstick or straw (anything you have lying around) and, with you finger still submerged, remove the excess paint, still floating on the surface, away from your finger, else this will ruin the established paint on the nail. Now, withdraw your finger and with a cotton bud and nail polish remover, remove the paint around your nail (it is quite a messy process, but so worth it). Repeat with each finger. This process can take a good half an hour!

If you get into any difficulty don't hesitate to pop a comment and I'll fly to your aid. 

Go on, try marbling! 

x Abster x

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Hairy Habits

Happy Sunday to you, my lovely bloggers. Today is supposed to be a day of jubilation and nail decoration BUT I have to work tomorrow as it's bank holiday Monday; and what does this mean? No nail paint creation for me tonight :(


BUT... So you beauties don't feel like I'm neglecting you here is a product review from when I went to Essex this week with my best friend Perri. I have always used V05 Hairspray as it gives a solid hold and easy brush away. However, V05 have recently brought out a whole range of new products for your locks. Here are the two products, along with my loved hairspray!

V05's Plump it Up is brilliant for getting that much needed volume at the roots for any look, up or down. When my hair is towel dry I spray about 7 times at my roots and blow dry with a round brush to give even more bounce. Now, my hair is very temperamental and loves to fall flat very quickly so this product is perfect!

This is a cheeky pic from our expedition to Essex: Here, I used my curling iron (Duhhh). Before use I sprayed 'Tousled up' onto the majority of my length and carefully curled away. My hair always holds curls but only for about an hour -.-. Joy of having stubbornly straight hair. BUT, like a miracle my curls stayed in alllll night :o


So there you have it. V05 is the bomb.

I bought these products from Boots as they are having a promotion of 2 for £5. At their usual price they would set you back about £3.98 each. It's a no brainer bloggers.

x Abster x

Sunday, 19 August 2012

#2 Nails

Well, it's that time again. One of my favourite times of the week, SUNDAY NIGHT! What does that equate to? Nail painting toooime. My initial idea didn't work out owing to the absence of straws in my house. I bet that's got you interested, you'll just have to wait. So I went for cheetah print! You can never ever go wrong with a good cheetah print. I have, before, created a lilac and deep purple print (very striking) and designed each nail, however, this week I want a more subtle look owing to my trip to Essex with my best friend, Perri. I have no idea what glam outfit I'll be wearing in the evening so thought a subtle white and gold will go with everything!

Want to know how I did it?

Well, you know me, I whacked out the Barry M's. For this design we follow the Bible rule of BASE COAT! Next step, I coated each nail in white. You can chose any colour just allow a good 30 mins drying time. Then, I grabbed the gold and placed an average of 5 randomly placed blobs of paint on each of my chosen fingers (try coating every finger for a more OUT THERE design that no one will miss). These then must dry for about 10 mins. After this, grab your liquid eyeliner. I had a little Rimmel Exaggerate left (it's not the best as the brush is spongy). Now this bit can be tricky but the beauty of using eyeliner is with one wipe of a make up wipe you can remove the black without damaging any of the rest of the prepped design. So, take the eyeliner and place 2 - 3 small swiped lines around each dot. (Take a look at my nails to see how to do this) and also place a few random black dots in between each dot. Can you see it emerging? Last but not least, use a top coat to even and protect the pattern. WARNING: Only do one stroke on each nail as the eyeliner WILL smudge. Well, there you have it!! Cheetah-licious.

x Abster x

Saturday, 18 August 2012

My Nail Obsession...

It's Saturday, meaning my nails are polish free. Depression. But, to make myself feel a whole lot better and to get my nail art fix for the day I decided to clear out my nail polish. I found I have now established a nice wee collection of Barry M's. I think it's definitely my fave brand of polish.

Here are two more Barry M's I added to my collection yesterday. My last nail design did really require a white base BUT I didn't have one! Superdrug have a crazy good offer on at the moment where you can get 2 paints for £5. Perfect for a nail art crazy girl on a budget. I also bought myself a glitter polish. I have a pet-hate about glitter polish as it is a nightmare to get off. But, tried and tested, this one is easyyyy! HOORAY.

I thought I'd give you a little looksie into my nail draw. You like? If i'd have shown a before and after the tidy out photograph, I probably would have lost all of my followers owing to the disgracefulness of the clutter. Now look at it though! All in shade order too. 

Bloggers and nail art lovers, let me know the one colour I'm missing!

x Abster x

Monday, 13 August 2012

Got me some kicks...

A day trip to Cambridge finally gave me the chance to try on a pair of Vans. I have thought about it and toyed with the idea for some time now but the money... I'm so stingy. But today, I whacked a pair of size 5's on and they fit so well. I needed a pair of pumps to wear with little white socks, tanned legs and a black skater skirt for a results party this Thursday. The first things that popped into my head was creepers. Unfortunately my boyfriend is about an inch taller than me so the hugely thick soles on creepers would increase my height a bit too much. So sad, I know... What I then thought was VANS! I've wanted some for ages and today I finally splashed out £45 to be the proud owner of these lovely new kicks, baybayyy! Any shoes taking your fancy recently? I say GO FOR IT!

x Abster x

Sunday, 12 August 2012

#1 Nails...

Every Sunday evening I paint my nails. That paint then comes off, unwillingly, on a Friday night owing to my job, sadly, not allowing nail polish. Basic denial of my human rights as a girl. Anyway, this week I decided to splash out and learn how to blend paints to create this gradual purple intensity. I am sooo pleased with the outcome! 

Blending is actually much easier than it appears; all you need is: a make up sponge, preferably triangular for easier application; 3 colours you wish to blend, it's best if these are lighter shades of the darkest - like the purples I have used here (lilac, pearl and violet). As you can tell, I like Barry M polish ;). Also, grab yourself a great base coat, I use french pink Collection 2000 as it gives a smooth coverage and long lasting finish. Also get a top coat, here shows Rimmel's 60 second dry. There may be a better one out there, but that one is cheap and cheerful and does the job. As you can see on the sponge I have dropped a dot of each colour next to each other on different sides of the sponge. I then dabbed the blots across each nail horizontally (you can try vertically!) and repeated to get a full covered tri-blend. Soooo cool, no? GIVE IT A GO!

x Abster x

Monday, 6 August 2012


Today saw a surprise shopping trip to Cambridge. I've been looking for a little black, high-waisted skirt recently as I am a tights lover; with shorts, dresses, skirts etc. They seem to skinni-fy my legs a wee bit. Anywho, so I ventured into River Island. RI always has a few items in each seasons buys which catch my eye; today as I walked in I saw a denim button vest with studded collar and though YEP. Just £25 too. Bargain. Further into the store I clocked THE skirt I'd been hunted for this whole season. I picked it up and ran to the mirror, only to be beaten by two Chinese women who stood at the mirror for what felt like an hour. The mirror was kind to me. The skirt has two layers, the top a lace type translucent patterning, quite Aztec inspired, followed by a black under slip. At only £18, it's a steal! 

This is my outfit for my date tonight. Paired with black tights, black blazer (because Britain is freezing) and small black heels. 

Happy Shopping!

x Abster x

Thursday, 2 August 2012


I've managed to get myself a much-longed-for WiFi connection to update you lovely bloggers. Now, this is my fourth day here in Barcelona and it is to die for. Bloggers, you want sun, sand, culture and seriously good food, get here! I promised you all a little trend information about what is going on in this stunning city; geenie pants. Yes, you read correctly, geenie pants. Those massive, unflattering, hideously patterned trousers which make you appear as a mythical creature with purple skin who appears in a puff of smoke when your geenie lamp is rubbed. Every corner I turn I see a pair. It's quite disconcerting, but there you have it.

The food, do not get me started. I must have eaten more than I ever have in four days, definitly need to hit that gym when I'm back. But, the Spanish are amazingly talented at their cuisine in the form of small portioned Tapas. The variety is to die for; instead of ordering a large plate of something you have no idea if you'll enjoy, tapas allows you to taste 3 or 4 plates of cultural cuisine in one sitting. Perfect for avid yum searchers like moi.

Tomorrow I am coming home; I must admit I do love Britiain. The language, the homliness, the accent, the OLYMPICS and my memory foam. Kind of been missing my boyfriend too to be honest (don't tell him he's last in the list). But of course bloggers, I have missed YOU most.

Bon Voyage.

x Abster x